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Two PC-98 Ports (possibly more in the future?)

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Because I can be a big lazy buffoon when it comes to ports, I don't have much to show off this year.

This time, I only have two ports to show off. Both of them happening to be ports of PC-98 songs, so I decided to make my thread for this year themed around that system.

As always, If I make more ports during C3, I'll post them here.

Here are the two songs:
Grounseed - Hometown (Remix City)

Rusty - Silent Cemetery

Hope you guys enjoy these ports. Have a nice C3!

Edit 1/11/2022: DL Links are now up.
While I'm not familiar with the source of these two songs, the effort put into porting these definitely paid off as these are certified Jams™. Big, big fan of Groundseed - Hometown. Instrument work on these is great, very easy to just listen to both songs over and over.

I would love to see you post more work here if you can, but regardless—great job!

OH HELL YEAH ANOTHER RUSTY PORT!!! Absolutely love both of these so fucking much!!!


Oh my gosh, not one, but two absolute bops? I must be dreaming.

Both of these really do sound wonderful, Dippy! Very clean and smooth as always, even the samples themselves. PC-98 songs seem to have lots of potential when it comes to porting them. Have fun making more if you end up doing so during C3!
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Glad to see another Rusty port great job #ab{:LOL:}

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The Remix City port's pretty bangin' lol; definitely like how it sounds a ton here

The Rusty port is nice as well honestly, nice to see people making ports of that soundtrack IMO (even though I still need to properly listen to it lol), all around great stuff
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Nice stuff! The samples are really cool, and the tunes exemplify them rather well. Wasn't expecting two bangers I'd never heard of before to appear. Good stuff.
Just a little update: I've now added DL links for the ports, so feel free to use 'em if you want. Thanks for all the love guys!
Whoa-hoa-hoa! Looks like you've made another Rusty port to show off for this year's Winter C3. Rustea Sprincul would be sooo proud of it. Better start listenin' right now!!

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Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release