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[SMBX 38A] HengShao's Script Pack Released!

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Hello everybody! It has been some time since I worked on tea-scripts, a kind of script that can be used for SMBX 38A, and I think it's time for me to release my first script pack for SMBX 38A.
SMBX is an unofficial Mario fan game with a powerful level editor, and 38A version is one of the branch versions of SMBX, which provides users with a great script function to customize almost anything they want.
Inside script pack are scripts I made in the last whole year. These scripts vary from enemies and environmental effects to devices and game mechanics.

Here's a brief preview video of my script pack(Thanks to FORCE_VICEROY for clipping this video!):

This is a detailed showcase video of my script pack:

Download Link for the Script Pack:'s Script Pack.rar/file

If there is any credit I miss to give, or you encounter some bugs and need to report them, don't hesitate to contact me on QQ(849601735) or on Discord(HengShao233#6802), thanks!
These scripts are very nice! It's worth that you've been working hard on it, keep it up!
So,we need more force on Non-SMW creative things, aren't we?

SMBX also, the best Mario Fans Game~
[New!] "SMAW2 - Mari Mari Back Forward Around". Waiting for enthusiastic testers, now check my file in progress and contact me by using Discord !
idk what did i saying , but look these Script was very coolest , why ? anyway i think so#tb{^^}
This looks really cool always amazed what smbx does

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Nice SMBX scripts!#smrpg{y}

Non-Super Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshotsVideos