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Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos

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-Lain's nice walk-
(work in progress)

Who's Lain?
Lain ( & Wiltr ) are the main character of the hack!
She went outside for a nice walk, but she went too far from her home.
The hack's story is basically about Lain going back to her house.

Screenshots & Videos



here's some idea about how overworld would look like!

Random bits
here's some random concept art thingys and how they look like in game.

the image was a bit huge so instead of posting here i will put a link here!

-Part 1
-Part 2

btw, this is the first time for me to actually post something at smwc so
thanks for reading/watching!
Very Poggers if I must say.
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I love the geometric design of the tiles a lot. The use of color is excellent. The geometry looks really feel-good to run through. Some of the most impressive aesthetic work I've seen in a while. I really can't wait to try this for the art alone. The level design looks to be paced just the way I like it.
Nicely done moka. Some of the finest gfx work I’ve seen for sure. Lain sure gets around! Some of these tile sets you’ve done gives me a real Sonic CD vibe, which is awesome. I love the concept art too, it’s really neat to see how ideas translate from paper to in game.

Beautiful stuff moka, looking forwards to release!
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I really like the aesthetics of this. Well done. :D
You've gotta be one of my favorite creative persons in the community Moka, I really appreciate how much love you put even in your sketches (they look great!) - it shows how much passion you have for this. The player character and the visual choices you make in general are all extremely cute!!

I'm excited to give this a try eventually, in particular to gauge how your more non-linear levels actually feel, since I've feared a bit they may be a bit confusing (but they might not be). I see you have more straightforward levels in your trailer though, so that's neat!
Oh my goodness, the graphics in your levels are amazing! I can't believe this is all in SMW! The levels look fun to play too. Keep up the great work!
Your level style seems to be quite unique, Moka. I love specially your Sonic-inspired tilesets, rich in geometric shapes. Please keep your good work, I want to see the full version of Lain's fun walk. #smrpg{<3}

It's really unique seeing a sonic style gfx tileset being used in hacks I wonder if the loops going around them can also be replicated great job.

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

I'm in love with that dog sprite! <3
I've said it so many times before, but Moka I love your level design very much
Keep up the good work
It always brings a smile to my face to see updates from your hack! I know I've said this on the Discord already, but your graphics are some of my favorites. Every level looks so full of life and so fun to run through. I absolutely can't wait to play it!
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I always adore your graphics a lot! So, I am excited to play this hack with your gorgeous graphics in it!!! #smw{:TUP:}
legitimately one of the prettiest and most unique smw level styles I've seen, great work! can't wait to see more.

I adore your graphical work a lot, Moka! It's easy to tell so much creativity and heart were put into it all, along with the levels themselves. Just various extra touches that go a long way in the overall visuals and environment. The same can be said for your overworld idea! I love how you elevated the water in it, I don't believe I've ever seen someone cover terrain like that before.

Like the others here have said, I also can't wait to play any form of your hack!
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Tried my best to keep up with whatever progress you've posted about this on the Discord, as the way you design levels is really fascinating. Can't think of anybody else that works the way you do, and the visuals chosen definitely attribute to that vibe as well. Also, wow—seeing the way you have things conceptualized on paper compared to how they look in game is really cool.
Loving a lot of the Sonic inspired GFX here in particular haha, always thought a lot of the graphics for the Genesis Sonic games looked really cool, so seeing a Mario hack getting some inspiration from it is damn nice to see, and in general the setpieces definitely feel like something I'd enjoy looking at lol; guess I'll also have to consider playing this in the near future huh :P
Layout by Mathos

Looking awesome so far. I love that trailer
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My In-Progress Hack

I always love seeing your WIP screenshots on the Discord, and I really love seeing all these beautiful screenshots together in this thread! It really shows how pretty this hack is overall. You have a really good eye for tilesets, and I always love how geometric they look. The Pokémon-inspired overworld is also really neat! Beautiful work as always, Moka!

Really like the style you're going for your hack, it gives me Cave Story vibes!

I know I said this before on discord, but the overworld reminds me of Cinnabar Island from G/S/C.
Kirbo was here
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Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos