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SMW Skill Challenge - super cool update im working on i think

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I'm working on a big update for my old Tools:Kaizo hack, Skill Challenge. I'll be using a lot more custom graphics this time, and some levels will be changed completely.
Here's some screenshots:

And here's two videos: a preview for stage 1, and one for stage 5, which will be a brand new level based on the feather powerup (which I never use because I suck at it #smw{:trollface:} ).
I'll also try to make the tricks in the hack a bit easier to execute because of complaints I mean criticism about it being too difficult, which I honestly agree with

thanks for reading. it's the first time i make one of these so idk what else to add
Most terrifying levels probably, very wise and they demand you to use 100% of your brain. I really like to watch clear videos of these kind of levels, with really crazy stuff happening which made me feel more dumb the more I see. I'm not gonna lie, I won't try this, but I believe people who pick it will enjoy it, for sure.
These aesthetics, damn. It's so vibrant! I'm a fan! I'm glad that you're using more custom GFX.
As for your thread, it got the point across and it totally sold me using the screenshots alone! I want to, and I will try to play this.
Try to.. because I'm really bad in general. Judging by the videos, this isn't easy, but despite that, I want to try it... (maybe hop in a call and you could help me or something)
I mean hey! You can spell success without succ. I might actually suck less after playing this!

LMAO Alex 💀
Stage Five looks evil and Stage One looks very cool. I love that you're polishing this up and I'm excited to see the rest of it!
It's nice to see that you're renewing your hack a little, I'm looking forward to the full results
Really like stage 5 aesthetics pretty

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

The cape level, though. Absolutely wicked. (Don't worry, flying isn't my thing too #ab{^^;;;})

That said, I remember the first iteration of this hack. You've gotta be one of the most unique kaizo makers (to me), no question, and the aesthetics made it even better. Also, glad to hear about new levels this time around.

I'm overly excited to see more, as kaizo hacks like this aren't too common nowadays!

I am not very familiar with kaizo at all but this certainly looks the part, with the level of precision shown, so nice work. Kinda unrelated but the stage 1 music is a bop, good choice.
embed fail!!

Another hack I look forward to watching somebody else play through, since I lack the skill required to get past a lot of these sections. That caped level in particular looks like devilish in the best of ways :P

new preview for 0.5 A Presses. I've decided to make it look more similar to Hazy Maze Cave, and I'm also going to add some new sections

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos