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Wetland Trials - a challenging 39 stage SMB3 hack

Non-Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseScreenshots

Welcome! Wetland Trials is a challenging SMB3 hack composed of 39 stages across 5 worlds. Inspired by SMW hacks like SUPER and SMW: Gaiden, you’ll find a blend of both traditional and unusual level design across this hack. But enough talk, here’s some gifs


Within the download, you'll find 4 different versions of the romhack. These versions are all completely identical except for the life count. You can choose whether you want to play with limited lives (25, 50, or 90) or with infinite lives.

Even if you've never played an SMB3 hack before, if you like a good challenge, why not give it a try? For those new to SMB3, the readme included explains how to patch and play the hack easily. Enjoy!
I'm gonna have to try this out later
Check out my WIP romhack!
this is awfully sexy and makes me wish we had a smb3 hack section :O
gbreeze what the heck, this looks dope--where do you find the time #smrpg{:D} This hack and some of the other smb3 stuff I've seen recently really getting me curious about non-SMW mario hacking.

Originally posted by idol
this is awfully sexy and makes me wish we had a smb3 hack section :O

but what if we did #lm{sprhead}
Wow I am just blown away how awesome this looks! #smw{@_@} Since, Super Mario Bros 3 is on my top 3 favorite Mario games. It's nice to see a very well done Super Mario Bros 3 Romhack that looks like a Super Mario World Romhack! Going to start playing this now!
Honestly words can't describe how thrilling this is

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

I’m impressed you are exploring this outrageous land of SMB3 hacks! This looks incredibly awesome and very promising. I’m definitely gonna play it!
Was hoping we'd eventually see your take on an SMB3 hack at some point! Seeing this is all the more reason for us to consider a section for projects like these in the future. Seriously, I need to grab myself another controller soon so I can actually give this one a shot, it looks like a fun challenge.
How the hell is your mind still so fresh on ideas? I want half of your creative juice...

I'm thrilled you too delved into SMB3 territory. I'll have to try this out later, but judging from the gifs, you don't seem to disappoint as always.

Love seeing you guys jump into hacking other Mario games. I hope I get to see more people exploring different games to hack!

Super Mario Brothers 3 Central...

Doesn't really have the same ring to it sadly.

This looks really fun. I've always wanted to see more of SMB3 and all the potential it really has over SMW with the Abilities you can acquire such as the Goomba Shoe.
I'll have to try this out sometime as SMB3 is probably my favourite classic Mario.

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Just wanted to drop this full playthrough video here for anyone that wants to just watch the hack.
Awesome. Great to see SMB3 getting some love. Will deffo be giving this a try.
I beat this hack twice over for beta testing and then proceeded to play the original SMB3 for the first time. As such, I highly recommend this hack - not only for its all-around great design, but also for how accessible (yet challenging) it is for people unfamiliar with the engine. In fact, this hack may actually make more sense to those familiar with SMW rather than SMB3. So please don't have any qualms about trying it out! (Just, maybe play with infinite lives on at first.)
I like it! Fun, challenging levels and creative use of powerups and hazards. I found an issue on 8-2 where if you press left when the level loads, you spawn above the bottomless pit to the left.

Non-Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseScreenshots