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Extra Mario World - Realm 1 Demo

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Team Välfard presents...



This romhack modifies Super Mario World to a fundamental level, in order to bring a strikingly novel experience, featuring:

  • A grand total of 8 exits, which is most of Realm (world) 1
  • Multiple playable characters
  • Co-op gameplay mode
  • Original custom enemies
  • Original custom music
  • An overworld map made fully from scratch
  • A dynamic shader system
And much more, technically impressive stuff that you may or may not notice!


For those who don't have time to play, take a look!

Team Välfärd

Team Välfard is led by Von Fahrenheit, who is also the main (and only) programmer and story writer. He's also the designer behind most of the levels in this demo.

The other members of the team are:

#lm{pal} PercentN - Scenery artist, art supervisor
#lm{bg3} Paperdomo101 - Scenery artist
#lm{music} Ruberjig - Music composer
#lm{music} Plasmariel - Music composer, design assistant
#lm{music} brickblock369 - Music composer
#lm{zoom} Tob - Design assistant
#lm{zoom} imamelia - Design assistant
#lm{l1} Heraga - Level designer
#lm{owev2} myself: artist, mainly for sprites but also other stuff

You'll notice we're more than just 3 now, and anyone could be next! (namely level designers PM me for more info :) )

Lastly, here's a few gameplay tips.

Thank you for coming by! Feedback, positive or negative, is appreciated. This is very exciting for us, because we poured a lot of passion into this. This demo sets the standard for the rest of the hack, which you might see more of sooner than you think! #smw{:peace:}

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woah this looks really cool
Okay I literally just patched it and opened the ROM and I'm already blown away. All the features added to the titlescreen including the Sunshine-esque file select, a difficulty selection, AND extra challenges—so damn cool that this is even possible and major props to Von Fahrenheit for his accomplishments there. Gameplay is fun, including the new Koopa character and his beat-em-up style which is really unique for a romhack like this. There's so much here in just one world that it's difficult to list all of the cool additions, you've really got me excited to see how this project progresses. If I didn't know any better I would think this was some unreleased prototype of a late SNES-era Mario game from Nintendo themselves, there's so much personality and polish.

Amazing work every single one of you, I think this is my favorite thing shown off here as of yet!
I was starting to think there were no news on Extra Mario World this C3 around. Glad to be proven wrong! I need to give this demo a try when I get the chance.

I still haven't played it myself smh
I remember seeing this since it was first developed very much looking forward to this hack and seeing all the hard work you, Darkbloom and Eminute put into this.

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!


Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

Oh yeah, I remember seeing a bit of this hack before, nice to finally get to play a demo of it lol

I actually played a little bit of it myself since I was a bit curious, and honestly I'm loving this a lot already, this shit fucks, even if I couldn't really get past the Rex Village since I was still getting used to the game's controls (both Mario and Luigi/the Koopa character, since my SMW skills are really rusty from not playing it or many similar hacks in years); this definitely looks neat for sure and I can't wait to see the final product here haha

...though uh, on the topic of the controls, personally I don't really know if I like the way both Luigi and Kadaal (dunno if I'm pronouncing his name correctly or not) feel to control here IMO; Kadaal especially feels a bit weird to get used to, and I dunno how I like the way a lot of his moves function, especially that Street Fighter sounding ass ability (the Senku or whatever it's called), really feels like you can do a lot more with it personally... maybe having the move work in mid-air and/or have it do damage might be fairly nice, especially the former since I feel it would be pretty useful to use before jumping to get a bit of a boost while jumping in mid-air, and in general it would help if he had more moves in general, maybe something like charging up that Senku ability to get a super jump out of it would be nice for one, and for Luigi it could also be good if you could do the super jump thingy from SMB2 after crouching, along with that spin move to cause damage and not stop after the enemy touches you while using it

Otherwise tho, yeah, this is good shit for sure; already can tell this one is going to be a good one to play when it's finished haha
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Real-time thoughts:

- oh, I don't need to choose a challenge!
- whoa, nice mode 7 in the intro there. I guess that explains why the sky part before it feels rather monochrome and uninteresting.
- ah, you want me to use Y to run and I'm used to X. (same as Æther incidentally). I know you have very fancy controls and movesets so that makes sense.
- very nice character dialog boxes with portraits! (I guess the SMB3 toad NPC graphics are placeholders? they don't really fit the portraits.)
- whoa, mario talks!
- ha, I can exit the dialog in the last two boxes by pressing start and then have the same lighthearted conversation again with boss music and urgent color in the background.
- gotta take me a while to get the hang of all these moves, but that's only because I'm bad at learning controls.
- oh, I thought I could slide into that spiny.
- when I die as the Koopa in the intro, can I get past the tar creeper at the beginning?
- that crying Luigi portrait is so majestic.
- ah, I think this is the first time I see the plot of this hack unfolding.
- whoa, that map!
- what the actual fuck @ walking on the powerlines.
- oh, that Rex looked too nice to be an enemy.
- oh no, the enemies are just villagers going about their daily lives? I refuse to hurt them.
- Luigi's spin move comes in handy in Rex Village, though I had a bit of trouble getting accustomed to using Y instead of X.
- it's probably intentional that I (as Mario) can't pick up a shell by walking up to it with Y already pressed?
- aw shucks, you actually implemented the Fuzzy effect.
- oh that's why the Koopas are- ooooh!
- the background color flickers when in a Fuzzy-induced state, but that's probably on your todo list.
- dang, with all this content already in it, this game is gonna be expansive. It actually felt more natural to call it "game" than "hack".

That's all the time I have for now. Really impressive work so far! Can't begin to imagine how much effort this must have taken (and will continue to take).


Have a frost day~
I've been sleeping on this project clearly as it hasn't crossed my radar at all!--I played a bit of the demo and it's really technically impressive work, looking forward to seeing what the full project ends up looking like. #smrpg{y}
Hooooly Hell, this is incredible! Out of all of the projects that could ever be described as "going above and beyond," this one goes well abover and beyonder above any of those not envious. I guess that's natural given the sheer breadth of talent on offer.

The levels are varied and a lot of fun to explore with the new movesets on offer, especially with everything Kadaai can do. Making him swim super fast was also a very smart touch that helps keep those swimming levels nice and speedy. The effects as a whole are so cool to behold; I got bug-eyed at the powerlines in the first level, and the DKC2 HDMA on the water level is jaw dropping to see.
Kadaai in general took some getting used to, not least of all because the run is so different to perform. Just wondering, will the L and R buttons ever be used? I feel like that could be a better Senku button.

A few bugs and quirks came up as well during my playthrough, which is sort of to be expected with the ambition on offer here:

And I couldn't screen shot these ones, but playing on an FxPak Pro makes any of the dynamic sprites have a lot of holes in them. Does anything like that happen with Higan/Bsnes, or is that just a quirk of the cart?
Lastly, I managed to softlock myself by using the warp pipe on the east coast somewhere, which took me to a very glitched Bonus Level - there were only four blocks rotating in the array, with the 4 other ones sliding across the ground from the left to the right over and over. I couldn't seem to recreate it, but I was fuddling with the controls trying to see if I could scroll the map, so maybe it has something to do with the timing on pressing start?

But we can expect stuff like that to get ironed out as the project comes along. Keep up the terrific work at Team Välfard!

Other Submissions of mine!
Originally posted by Deeke
Lastly, I managed to softlock myself by using the warp pipe on the east coast somewhere, which took me to a very glitched Bonus Level - there were only four blocks rotating in the array, with the 4 other ones sliding across the ground from the left to the right over and over. I couldn't seem to recreate it, but I was fuddling with the controls trying to see if I could scroll the map, so maybe it has something to do with the timing on pressing start?

I also encountered this very issue. For me it happened when going back to base after dying in the castle level a few times. Perhaps this case can be replicated.
Amazing. AMAZING.

The fact I was giddy at how Mario moves on the File Select screen I knew I was in for a good time.

Cutscenes and Characters aside maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan this felt so surreal.

Like it feels like it could be a Mario Game with how the Overworld functions and such. I just got done playing Rex Village and I loved how the level ends. Such a neat surprise for the player.
I can't praise this enough. I'll try to get some full feedback sooner than later but its been a treat so far to play.

Great Work to all those who have helped contribute to this project.
It truly shows how far we can push SMW Hacking in a lot of aspects.

Thats A Nice Work That Were Done Here There is A Lot of Effort Into It to Feel Like a Very New Own Game with his Own Lore and Characters Almost Like a New Capitel of The Paper Mario Saga just in Smw :D
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

Thanks for the feedback everyone! :)

I made a couple of relevant edits to the main post: new title, courtesy of Tob, and some gameplay footage and images.

Originally posted by Veck
If I didn't know any better I would think this was some unreleased prototype of a late SNES-era Mario game from Nintendo themselves, there's so much personality and polish.

That is precisely what we're aiming for, so I'm glad it's what you saw! Thanks :)

For people suggesting moveset changes, know that we're planning to implement similar changes in the form of upgrades! That's one of the things Dragon Coins will be used for

Incidentally, I am seeing other thoughts and concerns that will be answered with upcoming updates to the hack. So keep an eye out for updates in our our WIP thread!
It's definitively one of the most technically impressive hacks considering it includes a colour shader (which allows for a more realistic darkness, for example), 3D parallax, a custom title screen and file selection and entirely new playable characters.


Most of the time, the level design is quite fun. In particular, I really like Fuzzy's Ridge and Mushroom Gorge as level.
The weirdest level is Rex Village, considering it is one of the longest ones, though I think it makes sense when you consider that it normally would be a hub level if you were aligned with the Rex.
The weakest levels IMO are Dinolord's Domain, Evernight Temple and Castle Rex are the weakest levels, if only because they are so linear as well as the fact that they can get quite spammy at times (well, I really don't like the buff rexes and they come up in the former and latter quite often).

Now we get to the controls: It's expected that. Mario is largely unchanged but even he has got some changes in physics and controls (for example, picking sprites up requires the press of the run button and holding isn't sufficient anymore) while Luigi is quite difficult to control due to being floatier than Mario and the tornado ability is also a bit difficult to use (though it becomes less bad when you know that you can stop the attack with another A press).
Though I already know the controls from the older demos, Kabaal is a completely beast considering he uses non-standard controls, playing more like a beat 'em up character than a platformer, not to mention he jumps higher when not moving while it's the opposite for and Mario and Luigi. I find it cool that you can go into a shell when running, though you can't hurt enemies that way when you can in NSMB (I know, it's in the end your decision but still) and the different swimming physics is also quite cool, considering that also isn't seen very often.
What also is cool is that you have. For example, there is that one Dragon Coin which can only be gotten by Kabaal because he can dash straightforward i.e. without falling.

What I also really like are the animations. A lot of enemies have got quite a few animation frames and even idle animations (e.g. buff rexes) and if there are accessories (such as it's the case with most of the rexes in the village), they may even get dropped. Other cool details I noticed are the birds (though they already exist) and bushes.

Music is also often quite good. Only the title screen and Dinolord's Domain music feel if only because of the slow intro. The death theme also feels rather underwhelming.

Also some spoilers when finishing the demo:
What is interesting is that the tutorial level, which showcases Mario's fireball ability, features one of these shadow creatures which were shown in the older demo. I assume that they're created by Dark Lord whom King Rex made a deal (which also is some interesting forshadowing). The same level (of the older demo) also features Wizard who presumably use the same source of power.

Some suggestions: I think it would be cool to have the mountains in Rex Reef Beach be covered by the water so it really feels like you're underwater. The same level also has got falling Rexes at some point which IMO should be alerted with some arrows since it is very likely one could hit the character by pure chance.
I also would have liked if the buff rex at the end of Rex Village only would hurt you if it jumps and not when it's coming right out of the statue.

And now some really not-so-great stuff:
  • You can hardlock the game by throwing a shell to a shield as it is possible in Evernight Temple. This may not always happen but considering it really did once, you should consider taking a look at it.
  • You also may want to fix slope interaction since I managed to softlock myself by clipping through slopes by pure accident (I know, this applies to vanilla SMW too but here it's especially notable with Kabaal).
  • Not a softlock one but still annoying: You can get stuck on the overworld if you run towards the topmost river tile near the bridge to the beach. Not a softlock because you can still use the pipe but still noteworthy enough to be fixed.
  • I managed to get Mario killed simply because a chest landed on top of him, essentially crushing him. I don't think that's a very good thing happen, especially with open chests.
  • Finally: Is it normal that when you get a star, the characters randomly start performing the action of the A button? At first I thought it was my controller but it turns out, that really only happens when you get a star.

I used BSNES v115 to play the hack so some bugs may be emulator specific.

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots