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Super Mario WorldStandardFull Release

Once again, I had nothing prepared for C3. My hack, my magnum opus, hasn't progressed much, and I'm not confident in my coding to properly release the ASM I made (maybe later). But what I like the most is making levels. Why not make levels then? Can I make a hack in 24 hours. Well yes.

OH S*** WHAT is a standard, somewhat hard 5-levels romhack.

The hack was made using resources on smwcentral. But I didn't chose them myself.
The resources were chosen using the random button.

In the spoiler below, you can see the resources used and how I used them:


Don't expect high quality lmao.
I haven't started playing yet, but honestly even if it isn't that good I still find it commendable that you were able to get something out at all in such a short period of time. Especially something with such a fun sounding concept - it'd be really interesting to see something like this on a larger scale at some point!
so weird My Man
The title says it all #smw{O_O!}

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Hey yogui, that was a fun run, I really like the concept of chosing the resources randomly.
A surprisingly decent hack for both the timespan and the self-imposed challenge. It takes a lot of bravery to go through with what RNG roll gives you with no qualms, especially when you get some funny ones like you did. The Metal Slug BG is so YUMP 2-core it's incredible, but you managed to make a quite interesting linear level with it. Also, this is probably the first time someone has ever tried to use my fat plants in a level (my first sprite), and you managed to put them to better use than I thought it was possible. I'm quite honored really.

Other than a few setups in the final level's second half, I'd say this is pretty well designed which is something I'd expect from you. Amazing job!
This was a pretty fun hack for a 24h job and at the whims of the random button! Makes me kinda want to try the same but I definitely would not do as well a job. #smrpg{y} (I also get the YUMP2 vibes that Koopster mentioned :D)
Wow, that's a pretty quick turnaround for a hack! This sounds like a fun level design challenge. However, it's not very polite to swear in your hack name...
I always say to myself to try and create some kind of short hack just before C3 but I never have and probably never will...

I like the concept of the resources used been Random. I can imagine doing such a method had its pros and cons seeing what you could create with each given resource.
I'll have to give this ago. It's really impressive how short the turnaround time was for this.
Thank you all for the kind words.
Yes I really liked making these restriction. For the random resource at least, the 24h was only to have it done quickly for this C3. I really enjoy contests who have similar rules of imposed/restricted resources; MAGL2 was one of my favorite.
Honestly 24hours wasn't too little. The whole hack took me 12 hours total: 2 hours to find/insert/test all the resources, 2h for the top level, 1h30 for the bottom level, 30min for the right level (lol), 2h for the left level and 2h for the final level + 2h for OW/title screen/global sublevels/others.
Anyway this was dumb and fun and if I have nothing prepared next C3 I may do it again. I already know what I'll name it if it happens.

I also updated the hack and changed the link in the OP. The changes are:
- Fix a slope in the left level that had a wrong tile where you could fall through and die (thanks Koopster for noticing)
- Minor change in two obstacles in the last level

Super Mario WorldStandardFull Release