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Slightly More than a Single Unsampled Port (UPDATE: Now with added Genealogy!)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2022 - Slightly More than a Single Unsampled Port (UPDATE: Now with added Genealogy!)
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Last time, on C3...
I had naught but a single unsampled port to present to you. This time, however, things are different! This time, I'll be... postponing my original plans again. But, but! I still have some things to showcase to you, one of which will serve as a teaser to the thread-to-be that I will have prepared for next C3. Without further ado, here's the breakdown of what I'll be showcasing:

-A preview of next C3's thread
-An official showcase of my SFC3 composition because I forgot to upload it before C3 :skull emoji:
-A showcase of some polished old ports from my OWDC entry (to be added soon...)

A Prologue to the Genealogy
First and foremost, a project that took me longer than I first thought it would. Given my love for Fire Emblem, and especially Genealogy of the Holy War, I thought I'd try bringing some of the chapter themes to the section, but as it turns out trying to accurately port these tunes was much more exhausting than I expected, so by the time I was mostly done with this one I realized it wouldn't be feasible to finish all the ones I wanted to do. But, since the first chapter is titled "Prologue", I figured this could serve as a prologue to the eventual thread I plan to make next time! But, enough talk:
The Birth of a Holy Knight!

...what's that? You don't like those nasty SMW samples? Eugh, fine... just for you, I'll add the original samples in.
Here, take it!

Admittedly, I'm still not 100% satisfied with how accurately I converted these, but there's a point where you just have to not drive yourself crazy with these things.

A Tribute to Kenji Ito
I somehow managed to squeak out 5th place in the originals category for Super Famicompo 3 with this track, which I'm very thankful for. I know people gave some good comments on how to make it better (big shoutouts to VecchiaZim), but I decided not to implement them, on account of this song being designed to be as close to possible as a track from a Romancing SaGa game or such, and a lot of the decisions were made with that in mind, so most of the points of improvement would take away from that faithfulness. But, I'll stop yapping and show the thing:
Ito's... Lame?

Somewhat infamously (or so I like to think) the SPC700 Player truncated the name of this entry from "Disjointed Emotions ~ Ito's Lament" to "Ito's Lame", which certainly paints an entirely different image, haha.

A Collection for Overworlds
Since my submission for the 2021 OWDC was also heavily inspired and based on Genealogy of the Holy War, I ended up porting a number of other themes from the game to use for the music on the different OW maps. At the time it was a bit rushed (and arguably might still be), so I thought I'd give them a little touch-up. While I would've liked to fully redo them from scratch given my new knowledge since then, I had neither the time nor motivation, so instead I just buffed them up a little bit. Plus, I'll even add cheesy flavor text, since I'm not as confident in how well they hold up, so here:

Deirdre's Theme
A mysterious girl, dwelling alone in the spirit forest... what secrets might she harbor?

Gold Axe, Silver Axe𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮
"You seem to have dropped your axe into the lake... tell me, was it this gold axe, or this silver axe?"

Decision 2
It was not my choice to fight on this side, but I cannot change what fate may bring.

Decision 3
It doesn't matter who we've lost. We cannot afford to falter. We'll stick this fight out, to the bitter end.

Edda Palace
This air... it feels as if I am for the first time truly at home... truly at peace...

Speak of Legends
What's that? You mean to say you haven't heard the tale of the Twelve Crusaders? Allow me to tell it to you...

As usual, I'm never 100% confident in my ability, so feel free to offer any criticism you think might make these better, and who knows? I may implement it! But, Until next time, I thank you for taking the time to stop by my thread, and hopefully I'll be fully prepared for next time.

See ya!
Some really nice ports this time around especially The Birth of a Holy Knight


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Oh yes, the theme of Sigurd. Very FIERY theme, I dare to say. Fantastic ports, though. #smrpg{:D}


After what happened with Ito's Lament, I have to wonder if this is intentional or if SPC titles just don't want to cooperate.

Even though it's only like 3 ports, this thread is a prime example of quality over quantity. Your musical sensibilities shine fantastically through the ports you've got here, and I truly love them!

Originally posted by icrawfish
...what's that? You don't like those nasty SMW samples?

I quite like them; your sample choices are delightful!

Excited to see your OWDC stuff!
Thanks for the kind words thus far! The thread is now updated to include the OWDC ports! (and rushed silly little word blobs alongside)

Originally posted by Anorakun
Very FIERY theme, I dare to say.

Oh don't worry, there'll be even fierier themes next time. #w{>=)}

Originally posted by bebn legg
After what happened with Ito's Lament, I have to wonder if this is intentional or if SPC titles just don't want to cooperate.

This was actually entirely unintentional, though I showed to my other friends when I noticed it got cut off awhile back. I guess my song titles just get cut off at the most comedically intriguing places, haha.

A sampled port in an icrawfish thread?! SCANDALOUS?!
Jokes aside, these are some really nice tunes, I especially like Edda Palace and, Speak of Legends heavily reminds me of SMW Underground theme with the low marimbas.
Overall very solid stuff! Hopefully we'll get even more banger ports from ya in the future. #smrpg{<3}
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!
God yes, I'm absolutely loving these overworld themes. I never heard your original attempt at these, but you've definitely nailed it down with these ones. Very atmospheric in a way that could compliment so many different themes.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2022 - Slightly More than a Single Unsampled Port (UPDATE: Now with added Genealogy!)

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