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My Next Project: M++

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This time its not all about water I promise but you can expect lot of water levels :D

I want to introduce my next project called: M++

Inspired by N++ precision platformer:

(on other name: The Way of the Ninja)
Highly recommend to check this hidden gem.

Short Story:
I used to play this game a LOT (still playing couch co-op mode with my friends).
Since its close to my heart I asked myself "what if I develop similar style/vibes into SMW kaizo?"


- Pretty early in the development phase, started before Xmas
- Trying to implement and use globally sprites/blocks from N++ but in a Mario way.
- Aiming with 40-50 exits, we will see how it goes
- Each level is going to have 5 parts (4 CPs) --> each part 1-3 screen(s) long.
- Short but challenging sections.
- Collectibles to unlock several paths OR mini games OR challenges OR ... (still in a brainstorming part)
- Unique OW design where each submap will have its own themes like: water?, fireflower?, cape?, yoshi?, ...
- Its going to be MSU-1 only hack (same OST going to be used as the original game)
- Probably going to take more then 1-2 years to finish this product (I hope)

Anyway here is a lil' showcase what I have so far:
(Tutorial levels about these custom sprites/blocks/stuffs which is going to be all over the place + msu-1 tracks inserted)

Part 1:

Part 2:
God this looks fantastic. I'm excited to see where this goes! Do you have an ETA for it?
You're off to an excellent start — I think it's going to be amazing when it's done. Best of luck in the creation.
I want to take my time with this (Waterworld took 6 months)
So probably 2023, but its up to my free time management :)
This looks insane. Can't wait to see the finished product
Check out my WIP romhack!
What a fantastic concept for a SMW Hack. Those levels you showcased looked so fun to playthrough.
I can't get over how effective those Spiny Blocks are for keeping the playing going as well as making sure they don't ruin their path to the goal.

In terms of aesthetics I quite enjoy the really mix-matched Vanilla tilesets as they seem to mesh together rather well.
Your ideas and plans for the project seem rather robust so I hope that you finish the hack at some point as I'd love the give this ago.

Really some creative and cool stuff here BabaYegha! #smrpg{cool}
Really excited for this! N++ is really fun so this is bound to be fantastic too.
This is looking really promising looking forward to seeing more#smrpg{y}

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Very interesting design you're going for, and the inspiration behind it looks like it'd be a lot of fun too so I'd say you picked a good goal to aim for in the long run!
The adaption of N++ to M++ is a great idea/concept and from what I see you are doing an amazing job! Seems you found the right balance between inspiration/hommage and still making something yours, in your style. ++ I think this fits in the zeitgeist. Patiently looking forward to play this!
This project is amazing! The visuals are impressive (as always when BabaYegha is printed on the product) and the concept is super creative! It's very refreshing to see such an alternate puzzle-like approach with a coherent soundtrack. Definitely an interesting hack just from what we've already seen in the tutorial section! Good luck in the further creation Baba!
Wow! This is looking great... but is it true to the N++ style and feature 'No Zeitgeist'? :P
0/10 not enough water.

Of course, I’m joking. Looking great so far baba, awesome to see your adventure into asm is going so well! I look forwards to seeing where this one goes. Definitely one to keep an eye on, another excellent project in the works from an excellent creator.
Bottom Text
Looks awesome Baba!
This is revolutionary, changing the concepts of what we know today of kaizo. You always amaze with your gorgeous aesthetics. Excited to see the final result of this project. Keep up the brilliant work, Baba!

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