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Project Kinoko - Super Mario World Beta recreation

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsTrailer

Hi all! Me and my team have been working really hard on making our Super Mario World beta recreation - Project Kinoko. If you are familiar with the recent assets that surfaced you should know that Super Mario World had a very complex development process. The game changed so much from 1989 to 1990! Before we only had blurry screenshots from Japanese magazines back when the game was undergoing development. Now that these assets have surfaced, we can all look back and begin to imagine the game in a whole new way!

Our project will make an effort to recreate multiple speculated builds using the assets. Currently, we are working on a speculated late November 1989 build. We are more than halfway done with the build and as we come to a close on it, we will start working on a different build, most likely the July 28, 1989 Build.

So! Let us show you all a short trailer of our hard work!

And now some screenshots of things not shown in the trailer!

We really appreciate everyone's support and we will continue to bring updates! And for those asking, Kinoko means Mushroom in Japanese.

Mori - Leader
TheMushrunt - Epic logo
Merkurii - Level design/Music
Pancake001 - Level design
SolGaleo - Level design
TheInfiniteLegend - Level design
Venen - Graphics
DarkPrince - Graphics
CodFish1002 - ASMer
Cheddar - Info
what is indie music?
I hope to see more of this later on good luck #smw{:TUP:}

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Was hoping we'd eventually get a more accurate attempt at a beta SMW recreation with the recently leaked assets, and this looks like it fits the bill perfectly. Not only does it look fun so far, but I am in love with all the extra effort put into 'ageing' the screenshots and clips in the trailer. Really nails that retro atmosphere!
A question, will the messages be in English or Japanese, if message blocks end up being used?

I remember when Yoshi Master was making his own interpretation of the very limited pool of Beta Content we had for SMW a few years back.

They updated it somewhat IRC with some newer discoveries.

That said though its cooler to get a feel for what could of been a really early SMW and I'll say that little trailer really did hit hard on the nostalgia of terrible quality VHS recordings.

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses as there are a lot of features from the earlier versions.
I'd like to see actually make an appearance in a SMW hack such as all the Aquatic Enemies like Sharks and and Water Dinosaurs.


Letsssss Gooooooo
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My In-Progress Hack

despite not being really active in the making, im proud of having taken part of this project, also memeing around in the kinoko discord was fun af

also :him: my beloved
A project that recreates the beta of the original game is a very neat idea indeed, I too look forward to seeing more of this plus I love the retro/90s presentation of this in the screenshots and trailer. Nice work!
Originally posted by Green Jerry
A question, will the messages be in English or Japanese, if message blocks end up being used?

Probably Japanese, but we will decide when we get to it.
For a "what-if" sort of proyect it's looking pretty sweet! Best of luck to everyone involved.

I’m glad our project is getting such a warm reception
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

Originally posted by solgaleo35
I’m glad our project is getting such a warm reception

And yes, I would be very glad if meatloaf is super proud in working of this project. Looks very promising!
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This looks like a very cool project. Using the CRT filters was a great touch.

Chapter Two: Land of No Shame
This kind of project always pokes at my imagination a bit. I love all the what-ifs and it's always fun to explore a theoretical version of a game.

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsTrailer