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Meta Mario World (short puzzle hack)

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Remember when I said I wanted to have that YI collab hack out this C3? Well, that sure didn't happen! (That hack is still being worked on, but I'm afraid it'll need some more time.)

Instead, I'm releasing what might be my most strange and unapproachable work yet: "Meta Mario World". It's a bite-sized puzzle hack that exploits various out-of-level mechanics (overworld layouts, etc.). Below is a video containing a full playthrough - obviously, don't watch it if you don't want to get spoiled on the solutions. Also, you may be missing some context if you watch the video without having played the hack.

You can download the hack from my filebin here (I have no plans to submit it to the hacks section). Note that due to the very nature of this hack, you will frequently have to hard reset your game, but I tried to keep the tedium to a minimum. Enjoy!(?)
So you made a hack with no plans on submitting to the hacks section?
Originally posted by Final Theory
So you made a hack with no plans on submitting to the hacks section?

Seems like it, yeah. Sometimes the joy of creation is the only end result.

The concept behind this is wonderfully bizarre and unique to me. Of course I expect nothing less from the likes of you. Despite being bite-sized I'm just absolutely entranced by this. Only able to watch the video right now but I plan on giving it a go myself in a hour or so with access to a computer.
Just watched the first few levels and that's so clever how you've made those puzzles which require thinking of how SMW handles things OUTSIDE of the levels.

That's pretty neat and the fact it's all Vanilla too is impressive. #smrpg{:3}
An absolute joy to play. I love this genre.
Wow! you're the best! That's the best hack I have ever seen!
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Just got the urge to play this right as Linkdead decided to, and I beat it faster since emulator resets are way more convenient lol. I'm happy about it because figuring out those puzzles was extremely satisfying. Hilarious concept.
The more I play this puzzle hack, the more dumb I feel every second. This is devious, evil, brilliant and funny as hell. Hats off, Lazy, and honestly can't wait for your YI collab to be done. Best of lucks in your projects!
I gave this a try, but I gave up because I was really dumb and couldn't figure out some "obvious" solutions. Still though, this hack is a genius idea, given that very few people know about out-of-level mechanics. Well done. (Also, I can't wait to see that YI hack in a releasable state soon)

This looks so cool
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

I had a blast playing this hack. Definitely unlike any SMW hack I had played before

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