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A Collection of Previews for my Upcoming Kaizo Hack

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Hey everyone!

I wasn't originally planning to share anything for C3, but I decided to throw this preview collection together at the last minute. For the last 2-3 years or so, I've been working on-and-off in my spare time to finish my first ever hack. It's a kaizo hack with around 20 or so levels, and includes both custom and vanilla elements. It's still doesn't have a name (I suck at coming up with good names apparently)

I haven't been super active in the community during creation, so I thought this would be a good place to show off some of the stuff I've finished so far. Here are some gifs and comments from me about the levels (sorry for the low framerates)

Starting with probably my favourite level I've made, featuring MarkAlarm's Cluster Bullet Shooter. There's tons of creative ways to use this sprite, and I had a lot of fun making this level.

This level uses Mandew's glider balloons mixed with some platforming. I think I've remade this level about 3 times, because apparently I'm never happy with how my levels turn out, which is part of the reason why this hack has taken so long...

This is probably the coolest level I have thematically, it starts out as a burning forest, and then transitions into a burnt-down ghost house. I even re-purposed the snake block into a burning log, which I'm pretty proud of.

Here's a forest level with the probably-now-overused falling leaves by Blind Devil. Lots of platforming in this one.

Here's a desert level, featuring lightspeed dry bones as the main gimmick. It also includes a second half in a pyramid (which I won't show because it's terrible at the moment)

A recent level I made using dtothefourth's reversible platforms. It originally started out with a switch palace aesthetic, but I decided to change it because I think we've all seen enough switch palaces in our lifetimes

Here's the obligatory thwomp level. The moss on the sides of each thwomp shows which direction it will move in.

Another one of my favourite levels. You have to go through the level normally at first, and then you turn around and head back to the beginning, with the layout of the level completely changed.

And finally, the water level.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I really hope I can get this hack out soon, since I've been working on it for way too long. Thanks again to the whole SMW community for inspiring and helping me, as well as just being amazing in general.
Wow, that thwomp level in particular looks really well designed. Using the moss to indicate which direction they move so players can more easily make split second decisions was a really smart choice, and it's so cool that you essentially play through the same section twice with different setups both ways. Your palette work is spectacular too from you've shown - that forest level with the autumn color scheme is really pleasant to look and I just love the atmosphere there.
I saw these previews for the first time and I really like it! Definitely some interesting visuals with very fun looking gameplay sections. If you have a name for the hack let me know so that I'm able to find it when it's released :)
Good luck and fun with further creation!
This is looking really good with some nice gimmicks and obstacles great levels #lm{pal}

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Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos