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Knuxfan's Tetriminos, a SNES/Amiga inspired Tetris clone

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Hi everyone! Great to be around for yet another C3! This year, unlike most years I don't really have that much to show off, but I have been working on something other than SMW lately that I've been feeling pretty proud of. I recently decided to put my romhacking on hold for a short time to explore indie game development and learn more programming languages and this is one of the fruits of my labor!

I think I made it too obvious what I'm really working on here in that video...

Knuxfan's Tetriminos is my take on a Tetris clone inspired by games on the Super Nintendo and the Amiga.

I made basically everything in this game, minus the soundtrack, I contributed (basically) all of the graphics and code. I was inspired by games like SMW and music from modarchive to base the graphics and gameplay of this game.

I added features such as ghost pieces, hold pieces, and fast drop, but the game mostly kept to the rules of the original Tetris on the NES, with some improvements to gameplay.

The game also has a ton of settings for players to change to get the exact experience they want! There's also extensive modding support, allowing you to customize the backgrounds (and by release, the blocks) through modifying simple XML files, making it easy to mod for anyone!

The game also has a ton of fun extra game modes, like rotating board, scaling board, and even BIGGER board! If you hate having fun, you can even combine all 3 for the absolute worst Tetris experience of your life!

I even did some other fun stuff like porting the game to switch, and including discord rich presence for Windows players. (Oh yeah, did I mention the game runs on both Windows and Linux natively?)

Okay, but I am gonna say it.

All of this really was just a test to see if I was competent enough to code my engine for future projects. One of those future projects I hope to develop after this is Super Kekcroc World 4. The game's already entered pretty early development, so for the people who care about Kekcroc World, rejoice! You might not have to wait much longer (just another 4 years lol)

Download when?

Download kinda now? The game's open-source on Github, and I've already made a few releases, but they're kinda buggy at the moment and I can't say they're the best experience to try the game out with. That being said, if you are interested in contributing to the game, I really would love any help I could get. If people show interest in this, I might not just release the game in 7 days but add more features before doing so and delaying the game. Dunno. That being said, the game is planned to release January 17th, 2021 if nothing goes wrong.

Sorry I couldn't bring much SMW this C3, but hey, at least I brought something, right? (Also, deep apologies for the crappy jpeg compression on the screenshots, blame windows #tb{¬_¬})

Hope you all enjoyed what I had, and have a great C3!
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)

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