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Yoshi's Island Layer 3 Snow by Alex No

File Name: Yoshi's Island Layer 3 Snow
Submitted: by Alex No
Authors: Alex No
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Layer 3
Slots Used: AN2
Palette Rows Used: 1
Description: Yoshi's island Animated Snow Background on Layer 3. Use with Sprite Status Bar or SMB3 Status Bar.

I allways missed a good snow Layer 3 BG, so here it is.
Tags: animations, layer 3, layer 3 backgrounds, snow, yoshi's island
This background is not acceptable to be approved for the following reasons:

Palette usage:
The 3 colors used by the snow are exactly the same (F8F8F8 or 7FFF), so 2 of these 3 colors are completely unnecessary dupes. Also, ideally graphics shouldn't use vanilla status bar colors when it's absolutely avoidable, even for full layer 3 tilemaps that require a status bar asm workarround. This is just for convenience to the people who doesn't want to use asm.

Sample Level:
1) The sample level uses non-relevant ExGFX slots for FG2, FG3, BG1, BG2, BG3, SP2, SP3 and SP4, which clearly doesn't belong to the submission. Sample levels should only use relevant ExGFX.
2) The sample level palette has a lot of overwritten colors that aren't used by the submission, from full rows to random colors, even on sprite palette rows. Sample levels should only use relevant palette colors.
3) Overall, the sample level feels like it was borrowed from another already existing level and put into the submission, considering it has custom graphics for the background, a set midway entrance, a full custom palette, but no foreground graphics (presumably deleted with Ctrl + Shift + Del). Consider doing a sample level from scratch, from a previously empty unused level (like the TEST ones in vanilla game). Sample levels must be straight to the point, in this case to showcase a sample usage of the snow.

Layer 3 settings:
I don't get the scroll settings you set for this. The "Auto-Scroll Down Slow" for Vertical Scroll only makes it look unnatural and inconsistent as it is on original Yoshi's Island. Maybe I get putting "Fast" on Horizontal Scroll, but mixed with the scroll down, it just feels wrong. I'd suggest just giving them both Constant or Variable, it just feels more natural this way, if people feel like changing it they could do after inserting.

Submission Form:
While most of these issues can be fixed very easily during moderation, they're still something:
1) Follow the correct naming for the game/graphic. The correct game title should be "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island" and putting "Layer 3" next to "Snow" isn't needed because Layer 3 is marked on the Purpose field.
2) "animations", "layer 3", "layer 3 backgrounds", and "yoshi's island" aren't valid tags, please refer to the tags list. Also you're missing the "patch needed" tag, as you effectively said in the description this need a status bar asm workarround.
3) You're missing an in-game pic for the submission, which by the way should be the first pic.