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#Office Presents: Super Sauce Search -As Intended!-

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseTrailer

WATCH THE TRAILER! (in the morning lol i overworked myself staying up for almost 30 hours to make sure the hack is finished)

DOWNLOAD IT (if you want, but also you have to)

The Awaited? Hackjam project is finally playable As Intended!
That's right, we removed all of the game breaking bugs, and all of the other bugs, and we put the bugs that were missing (bees) back into the game.

#Office is a server of many people, but this Hackjam project was built with contributions from LucasRCD, Myself, Giga and Falconpunch.
As for the effort of turning it from an unplayable mess into a deliciously playable final release, that's all down to work from I and LucasRCD.

However, two special thanks are to be handed out.
First to MarioFanGamer for making a midway save patch for us, and also an apology for not using it due to a whole bunch of conflicts and bugs with the MMP patch that we couldn't figure out in the end.
Secondly to Segment1Zone2 for being a huge help with last moment playtesting and finding a whole bunch of things to polish up the game for this release.

Oh, right. One other thing. The first three people to collect all 50 Yoshi Coins and send me video evidence will get any steam game of their choice, courtesy of me.
This doesn't apply if you're the hack mod moderating it though. Sorry =c. Wouldn't wanna bribe you or anything.
Oooh, Metroidvania hacks have always fascinated me in SMW and this one looks like it'll be a lot of fun to chug on through in one go. Great work from all of you on putting it together in the first place, and additional kudos to you and LucasRCD in getting it tidied up and polished for a full release. Your offer at the bottom definitely tempts me, though no promises on actually completing that :P

Great work, you guys!
Hi I'm really sorry but it turns out every bug was removed except one that was introduced while fixing things and then I was told that it was fixed in a new version of the level I merged but it turns out it wasn't.

And this bug happens to block all progress >->

If you've downloaded it already, I HIGHLY suggest you download the new version and play that instead. (I've edited the first post but you can also click here)

And once again, I'm really sorry if you've lost progress due to this problem.

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseTrailer