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Pokémon Tourney #9 - Over


Welcome to the ninth iteration of our Pokémon Showdown Tournament; a place for you to break free from the clutches of Bowser, and instead capture poor defenceless animals in small capsules, and send them out to fight for sport and entertainment. Apologies I'm a day later than scheduled on this - I'm a very busy bee.

This time, we have decided to do away with the voting to decide a format, and instead put forward a popular competitive format for the tournament. The format is: Sw/Sh OU; Doubles.

If you're not sure what this means, but you like Pokémon and want to battle people - allow me to explain. The "Sw/Sh OU" format (OU = OverUsed), allows you to pick any Pokémon to battle that is not in the Uber Tier. You also cannot:

- Use Dynamax
- Have Pokémon with the abilities: Arena Trap; Power Construct; Shadow Tag
- Use the moves: Baton Pass

All battles must also follow the Smogon-Wide Clauses. Full details on the Sw/Sh OU Tier can be found here.

You don't need to own a Nintendo Switch, or a copy of Pokémon Sword/Shield to play. All battles will be done via the Pokémon Showdown Battle Simulator.

How To Participate

- To sign up for the tournament, you will need to post your intentions in this thread.
- You will then need to PM your team to  Chuck Quizmo. To do this, open your team in Pokémon Showdown and click the Import/Export option and copy the text to your PM.
- You can modify your team up until your first battle. To do so, you will need to re-send your team to Chuck Quizmo.

Once each round of the tournament begins, you will have up to the date specified to carry out your battles with your opponent. It is up to you to arrange a suitable time/day to undertake these battles. Each round is a "best of 3", so you'll fight three battles with your opponent.

The tournament will follow a double elimination format.

You have until 28th January 19:00 UTC to sign up, build your team, and send it to my good pal  Chuck Quizmo. See the timer below:

The tournament itself will begin on: Saturday 29th January

We've also setup a cool channel called #pokémon-tourney, and have a role for tourney participants too. That means I can give you annoying pings when a round begins, etc. People who signup will be given the role.

Participation/Battle Rules

- Battles must be undertaken within the tournament's format on Pokémon Showdown, otherwise they will be invalid.
- Once you have fought your first battle, you may not modify your team. Doing so will result in disqualification.
- Once you have completed the battles for your round, one of you must post the results and replays of each match in this thread. You can do this via the "Upload and share replay" option.
- If you leave in the middle of a battle or surrender, you will lose that battle, but not the round.
- If you fail to show up for your battles, then you will be disqualified and not be eligible for the losers bracket.
- If both players fail to arrange a battle by the required date, both will be disqualified and not be eligible for the losers bracket.


1) Tahixham
2) Vivian Darkbloom
3) solgaleo35
4) quietmason
5) dragonfan96
6) Mohamad20ZX
7) Impetus
8) xfix
9) Ivy
10) qantuum
11) yogui
12) KennyJ
13) RudeGuy
14) Veck
15) FrozenQuills
16) Runic_Rain

Contest participants will be listed here upon sign up - as I don't have any advantage over anyone else as host, I will be participating, as other hosts have done in previous Pokémon Tourneys.
Me me me me me! I love Pokemon and have been thinking of getting into Doubles.

I'm definitely signing up
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

Damnit, I pretty much promised myself that I wasn't going to battle anywhere on Showdown until I got to play Sw/Sh for myself so I can get a clearer idea on how the competitive scene for it is like (also just playing it in general), plus Doubles and OU are most definitely not my thing lmao (more of a Singles Ubers guy myself)

So yeah, it sucks, but sadly I'll have to pass on this one; good luck to everyone else tho lol
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Haven't played any competitive pokemon before, but I'll throw my hat in the ring! Sounds like fun :3
Should clarify, that you have until the 28th January 19:00 UTC to sign up, build your team, and send it to my good pal  Chuck Quizmo, not just sign up. I got asked how long team building time would be, so I figured to clarify it's all-in-one in this week.
I'll give this a try..
I dont expect to win at all, but it'll be fun to do some pokemon battles!

Sign me up!
iam in
I'll join, Doubles will be a cool change of pace to my usual battling format i-

wait I haven't played in 4 years fuck.

well, here goes nothing.
I didn't play Gen8 like at all, but I guess I may check out how quickly I lose.

/me in
Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)

sign me up fellas
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A small further clarification, a mistake on my part!

The format rules is the Doubles OU format for Sword and Shield, not the singles one being played as doubles. I linked to the Singles OU page instead of the doubles in the original post. Whoopsie!

Here's the correct rules/format:
so, I've never enrolled in a smwc pokémon tournament, nor tried to become good at strategy battling, so that will be a first for me.

good luck everyone, I'm sure I'll have fun there.
Signing in.

Doubles is good, I don't know Doubles OU but I'll try. It's a good thing the format is not current VGC, I like VGC but this year is absolutely garbage with the legendaries allowed.
As a DOU main, this should be EZ money.

Also why is there a team lock? In official Smogon tours you can use a new team every battle.
i'm going to sign up.

i don't know anything about gens past 4, so it'll be fun to see how much i'll last lol.
Fuck it, I'll toss the anxiety aside and give this a shot. Seems really fun, especially when I am so unfamiliar with a lot of the biggest threats right now.
it's been like a decade but I'll join.
Originally posted by KennyJ
Also why is there a team lock? In official Smogon tours you can use a new team every battle.

Only reason I can think of, to be honest, is this is following the same format as previous Tourneys. Something that could be thought about for the next one though.
Originally posted by KennyJ
As a DOU main, this should be EZ money.

Also why is there a team lock? In official Smogon tours you can use a new team every battle.

One reason I can think of is to make the tournament more accessible by not forcing people to create teams for every battle. Yes, I understand that somebody may choose to have the same team for every battle if teams weren't locked, but then they are setting themselves at a rather large disadvantage.
Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)