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Pokémon Tourney #9 - Over


I've lost 0-2 to Ivy, well played! Best of luck to you.
I won 2-1 against KennyJ

Lost to Veck 1-2!

Each match has a different vibe and I'm glad I only drew a little amount of poor choices.
Won 2-0 against qantuum
It was really fun. I had a great time. Well played!
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

It's time to be the very best... again... again Round 3

Bracket on Challonge

Time for Round 3---ish. You have again ONE WEEK ish until 04/03 19:00 UTC to complete your Round 3 battles. No one falls to the loser bracket this time, so we only have one battle to do each if you're still in.

If we get through quick we can keep going!
I won 2-0 against quietmason

Game 1
Game 2
I'm out 4th.
GGs everyone.

My team gimmick was Trick Room + Steel. It use a few unconventional pokemons and sets for Smogon OU double but it somewhat worked. There's some glaring weaknesses (4 ground and fighting weakness lol). Definitely need some improvements but it was fun. I liked using my combo of eerie impulse to make staka survive a hit and activate policy.
Good luck to the top 3.
Congrats KennyJ! Really happy I got 2nd with an, uh, interesting Hail + Arctozolt team. #smrpg{mlem}
I basically built off of NotlPrimRose's Arctozolt team from the team bazaar without much of any testing, but in practice it went way better than expected lol
Aaaaand time up! Submissions closed.

Or, well... The battles have been complete. And I have the FULL RESULTS:

Click here!

Trophies have been awarded to all entrants who are not DQ'd. Those DQ'd were:
Vivian Darkbloom - banned from site so thus can't participate
Mohamad20ZX - did not make attempt to arrange RL1 battle despite multiple attempts from their battle partner to make contact

Thank you to everyone who took part. I hope you all had fun! Maybe one day we'll have Pokémon Tourney X...