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Winter Level Design Contest 2022 - Rules & Submissions Thread

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Level Design

Download the compilation here!

THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD. You may post questions or comments about the contest here instead. Any posts that are not a submission will get deleted!

Why hello there! You must be freezing! Step inside, come over by the fire. I was just thawing out one of our old contests - one of our very old contests. Welcome the return of the Winter Level Design Contest!

  • Your level must have a winter theme. It doesn't have to be an ice level, but it should have something pertaining to the idea of winter. (think of snow and cold, seasonal holidays, or long nights, among plenty of other things).
  • Kaizo entries are not allowed.
  • MSU-1 is also not allowed.
  • Otherwise, this is a typical Chocolate-style contest, meaning any custom resources are allowed!
  • Due to the prizes on offer (see below), you are not allowed to have any partners for this contest.
  • You can only have one exit in your level.
  • Your level should not exceed 5 minutes to beat in a perfect run (meaning without death from front to back).
  • Your level should either include an infinite lives patch or a life farm accessible from the start. (If you need assistance with either of these, please read  MarioFanGamer's post here)
  • Make sure your name is not visible anywhere in your level.
  • Your entry must work on the most recent, stable versions of BSNES and SNES9x with zero modifications.
  • Finally, you must submit your entry as a .bps file, with an included text file explaining how you utilized the theme. Submitting an .ips file will result in disqualification, and submitting a ROM will lead to site punishment!

Scoring and Judging:
Level Design: 50 Points
How is the overall level design of the entry? Do the setups flow well, with a balanced difficulty curve? Are there any functionality issues (i.e. slowdown or softlocks)? Above all else, is the level fun to play?

Creativity: 30 Points
Does the level present any unique or interesting ideas? Does it have any original, nice setups? Is there an innovative gimmick? On its own, is the theme of the level creative? (Not related to theme adherence, see below.)

Atmosphere: 20 Points
How do the visuals and music complement the level? Are the aesthetics polished and pleasing to the eye? Is the music broken or annoying to listen to?

Theme adherence will not be part of the judges' scoring. If your level does not fit the Winter theme in any possible way, it will simply be disqualified. (Because of this, we will try to be as accepting of theme interpretations as reasonably possible.)

Here are your judges:  Amethyst, FrozenQuills,  idol, and JupiHornet! Any username-related ice puns are grounds for disqualification.

As usual, the following trophies will be handed out after the contest:

But we're not playin' reindeer games with this contest. Just like the first WLDC, we've got some high-stakes prizes on offer. Have a look at what we've got this time!

1) One NA SNES Mini w/ two compatible controllers (includes cords + plug adapter if needed)
2) Three SNES Mario-themed issues of Nintendo Power (Issues 41, 52, & 77)
3) A pair of Wario & Waluigi Amiibos
4) $20 credit for any gaming-related service of your choice
(Steam, Nintendo eShop, etc.)
5) 2 months of Discord Nitro

Prizes will be selected by the winners on a "first-come, first-serve" basis; first place winner can choose any one of the five prizes, or pass it down to the second place winner, and so on. Physical prizes will require the winner to send me their name and address; this information will be handled securely and only for the purposes of shipping the prize. (I will cover any shipping fees.) Because of this, you must be 18 years or older to receive a physical prize.

Wow, that's pretty wild huh? #wario{>:|} Better get cracking at those entries if you want to nab one of these prizes! You have until Monday, February 28th, 6:00 PM GMT to finish your entry.
Originally posted by MegaSonic1999
Where can we get the infinite lives patch? 'Cause it's not available in the patch section.

1. Please only post submissions in this thread. You may use the Discussion Thread for any questions you have.

2.  MarioFanGamer posted a very nice explainer on how to add infinite lives to your entry here.

My entry: Field of Cooligans

* Removed the x from the OW border.
* The cave sublevel is now slippery.
* Updated the text file to add the required info about how the level adheres to the winter theme.


Certainly the most unambitious level I've made for a contest.
Good luck everyone.

EDIT: brought minor modifications about the entry (especially the music) and added some info about the theme in the txt file.

Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo WaWaWaWahoo Wahoo WaWaWaWahoo *click(reset)*
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After such hard work, my masterpiece (not really) is ready to be played! Its called Candy Cane Plains

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Tonight.. tonight..

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Gift Quest

Small update:
-Fixed the Map16 behaviour of YI Spiked Logs. Now they hurt Mario;
-Corrected the palette of a specific underground Map16 tile, as it used the wrong palette.
finally, i submitted something less than 58 seconds away from the deadline
Pack a fire flower or you'll get a frostbite
Anyway this is my entry here. Have fun.

UPDATE: Forgot something in the credits so I went back and added it.
Works in progress (No proper forum... yet)
After years of lurking and the occasional post, this is my first time submitting to a contest.
Well, here my entry.

v1.1 update.
I forgot to add the cluster snowstorm sprite after you exit the optional dragon coin section.
did a minor change in the optional dragon coin section due to the ice bro throwing a iceball which melts the ice block at the right.

v1.1.5 update.
I forgot to move mario position to the start of the level.
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Level Design

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