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I cant find this All Stars Luigi patch. Please help!

Around 2 years ago I tried SMW hacking for the first time. For the game I wanted to make, I wanted player 1 to be Luigi. Luckily I found a patch that did literally everything for me. It changed the palette, changed the name in the UI, changed the overworld sprite, and most importantly used the Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World sprite for him. I stopped working on it for some reason, and now I want to try again. Unfortunately, I cant find this patch anywhere I look. The closest I could find was just a GFX file for All Stars Luigi with nothing else. If you know what patch I'm talking about please let me know. You will have my eternal thanks and a place in the credits. Thanks!
Like this? Or this?

These are rom hacks (rather than 'patches') that seem to just swap Mario and Luigi in the original game, but you could potentially use these as your base rom and build your hack from one of them (with permission? or credit?).

Or you could use the SMAS Luigi graphics form the graphics section, swap the shared Mario and Luigi palettes in Lunar magic (Luigi and Mario use the same sprites by default, jsut with different palettes), and then use this tool to edit the status bar text, and this one to edit the 'Mario start'.
I think I'll go with the second one. Thank you for your help!