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Yoshi's Island Nipper Plant


Nipper Plant


A dandelion-like parachute carrying a spore that when it lands on the ground, launches a smoke splash, showing the sprite and it follows Mario. It just hops. It can't stay on ledges. Can be jumped with no bounce effect and turns into a puff of smoke. Using the YI smoke will be beneficial here.
Extra byte 1 can be used for the palette of the dandelion parachute, extra byte 2 for the spore and extra byte 3 for what sprite it spawns. Extra byte 4 can tell if it's normal or custom.

Download from here. I included the GFX, the palette and .palmask files, so you know where the palettes go. Here's also a video showing the sprite in action:
Thanks. I changed 'Open' to 'Claimed'.
Sorry. I forgot to mention the nipper plant must be placed directly as well.
Again sorry. I forgot to menntion this sprite must be compatible with the latest SA-1 version.
Took long, but amazing job, codfish1002!