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Running Lunar Magic on Linux

Lunar Magic

Disclaimer: as you can see, I am a noob (or cheep-cheep if you prefer).

I was tired of rebooting my PC onto Windows just to use Lunar Magic, so I tried to get it working using Wine on Linux (a program for running Windows programs on Linux/OSX).

There have been other threads about this, but CrossOver is not needed. If you get stuck, you may find CrossOver easier to use - Wine is basically just the core.


1. Install Wine from their site. This guide was tested with staging, but stable should work fine.

2. Also install Winetricks. It should be in your distro's software manager.

3. Extract Lunar Magic into a folder.

4. Open a terminal in the folder, and run the following:


5. Select "Create new wineprefix", and choose the 64-bit architecture if possible. To make it easier to follow this tutorial, call it "lm".

6. After you come back to the Winetricks window, close it.

7. Inside your folder, create a new file called "".

8. Edit it, and write the following:

export WINEPREFIX=/home/me/.local/share/wineprefixes/lm
wine "./Lunar Magic.exe"

    Replace /home/me with /home/yourusername. If you are unsure what your username is, run "whoami"

9. In the terminal, run "chmod +x".

10. To run it, run "./" in the terminal. Do this every time you want to run LM.

Yes, I know there are many Wine tutorials out there, I just thought it may be helpful for beginners to have a program-specific tutorial.

If you have your own way of doing things - you just want to know how it runs - it runs almost perfectly in my testing, aside from a few minor bugs.

Lunar Magic