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Overworld layer 2 event glitch

One of the layer two events creates this:

I'm 100% sure that the cause for this is that this exact tile was also being generated in a submap (I recall similar things happening with stage reveals before I learned about silent steps).
What I don't understand is why this tile specifically receives a glitch, when all of the other events that generate a stage in a submap work just fine.
The main map and the submaps use the same grid. It's likely that this particular event happens on the same spot in the grid as Mario's current position in the main map.

Whether the glitch happens or not, it's not advisable to use non-silent events when those happen in a different map than the current player position. You can create silent events by placing event tiles while holding Shift. Always do that when making events that happen in a different map.
Thx. Had no idea you could do silent steps with layer 2 tiles.