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change block to solid an with other 16x16 tile after 5 dragon coins

Hey all,
I made two graphics, one for less and one for 5 yoshi coins. They change if I have the right numbre. I made this via Edit Level Extended animation Frame
BUT I am unable to make it from passable solid too :(
I tried with block creator, but it didnt work. I bet i am doing sth wrong

Thx a lot
Hi there! You should be able to apply your graphics to this block, which'll become passable on 5 Yoshi Coins.
I found this block, but I need it vice versa.
The passable shall be solid ;)
I think it should work if you just switch this:

To this: (I highlighted the parts that changed)

Let me know if it works
By the way, these blocks are a possible alternative and are also more customisable.
Thank you so much!
It works perfectly