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Site Rule Updates

Following recent events and the concerns expressed by users, we took the opportunity to review our rules and update the wording of certain bits so that they more explicitly reflect what was previously implicit, and to make sure that users feel comfortable on the site.

Most of these aren't new rules per se, they are simply clarifications; rest assured, there are no big changes to how you engage with the site.

So, let's go over them in no particular order.
  • The page has been renamed to SMW Central Site-Wide Rules & Terms of Use to better reflect its purpose.
  • Rule B1's description has been updated to be more thorough, and explicitly mention that any content that depicts or promotes the abuse of minors is banned on the site. Hopefully this is no surprise, as it has always been the case, but it is now expressly mentioned to avoid any confusion about the scope of the rules.
  • A new rule, Rule A10, has been added, stipulating that you must be at least 13 years of age to engage with the site or provide any personal information to it. This is in compliance with U.S. internet legislation, seeing as the site is hosted in the U.S. The Legal Information and Registration pages have also been updated accordingly to make this clear.
  • A paragraph has been added to the header of the rules page to clarify how bans for offsite reasons are handled. In short, while site rules only apply to people's conduct on the site, we reserve the right to take action if somebody's behaviour elsewhere seems cause for concern that they may pose a threat to the rest of the userbase.
  • Unrelated to any of the recent events, we updated the justification for Rule C1 to better explain what the big scary legalese file hosting license means when you submit a file to the site.

These changes have also been mirrored in the SMW Central Site-Wide Rules Changelog.

That should just about cover the rule updates. Of course, comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, and the like are always welcome!