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What is the function of the P-Switch on the side bar?

What is the function of the P-Switch on the side bar?
I think it's cosmetic, but I don't want to assume. O.O

A P-Switch looks like this but with a ? instead of a ! : #lm{ow16xsel}

The admins probably put it there as a joke. No one besides them knows if it has a purpose, but it probably doesn't.

Huummm, it clearly has a purpose.
If you click on it, it becomes activated. You're welcome.
Oh, well that makes sense. I like it! It's good to know things like these. I hope you don't mind that I asked.. a foolish question :(
I see you have joined us. =3
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Runic: It's not there if you're not logged in!
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Rumor has it that the only purpose of the P-switch is just clickability to either active or deactivate it. However, there might be some other purpose than just hanging out underneath the menu and waiting for anyone to press it. Only Staff/Admins know it. The switch might control events in the real world, but really I dunno and I might be wrong about it.
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It's there for decoration, just that
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Originally posted by 7 up
The switch might control events in the real world

If enough people press it, world hunger and climate change are solved for good!
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there is a secret giant list of which users have the p-switch pressed or unpressed, effectively dividing the entire community into two factions that nobody knows about.
If you press it three hundred thousand times, you unlock SMWC gold!
It grants the power of acomplishing nothing!


Originally posted by M A R I O
And your flaming has gotten on the last nerve of people.

Good day.

Wise words from a... Creepy, but wise man.

One of the admins is actually Kim Jong Un and he orders a certain number of executions daily depending on how often the P-switch was pressed during the previous day.

Oh look its this thread again. I enjoy this thread.

But fr tho dont press it the irl floor will turn into coins and you’ll fall forever.
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Originally posted by Pink Gold Peach
It's there for decoration, just that

i really like your css.

also, whenever you press it, something ominous happens. it's very scary and ominous. specifically, it's a bit creepy and scary. you don't even want to know.
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There's one specific PNG of a coin hidden deep in a random thread that turns into a block depending on when the switch is pressed.

​ ​ #lm{aniset}


Oh, no, this isn't it. Not sure why you'd think that.