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SMW Styled Crash Bandicoot Characters as NPCs


SMW Styled Crash Bandicoot Characters as NPCs

I would like a frame of animation of the following Crash Bandicoot Characters drawn in the style of SMW:
Size:16x32 each character

- Crash Bandicoot(I already have npc graphics for him done, so you can skip if you want)
- Coco Bandicoot
- N.Cortex(size can be 32x32 if the head is too big to draw in 16x32, the npc sprite update now suports 32x32)
- N.gin
- N.Brio
- Tiny Tiger(size 32x32 or 32x48)
- Dingodile (size 32x32 or 32x48)
- Aku Aku(size 16x16)

Dont need to be super complex, just a single stationary frame for each character will do, however it would be nice if they could also have a walking animation but that is not necessary, just do it if you wish.

I want these graphics for using them combined with the NPC sprite for use on a Crash Bandicoot themed hack that I'm planning.
Please follow the rules moving forward, only one request can be made per post and you have listed 8 separate requests. I do understand it's multiple characters for a singular sprite most of them have different requirements. I'm going to close this but feel free to remake it but only add one singular request.