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Editing animated tiles

Ok, so I understand how to edit the non animated tiles, But the problem is animated tiles, how do I edit those. I know its possible because I see other hacks with edited animated tiles.
i think you cannot i think you should try it with yy-chr

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a graphics editor,kinda like paint.
you can download it in the tools section.

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Hmm yy-chr is kind of hard, I wouldnt know what i would be editing since it doesnt exactly open the things I want.
Open "AllGFX.bin" with YY-CHR, set the mode to "4BPP SNES" and scroll down to the very bottom. There are the animated tiles.
You can see the correct palette too. Play your rom in Znesw e make a savestate. In YY-chr, press F-12 keyboard button(after you selected the option 4bpp SNES). Now you can edit your animated tiles and you can see the correct palette. Pm me if you don't understand.
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