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Pester's Games (Outdated)

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This topic is here to showcase my previous games made with Gamemaker, and post progress on the game I'm currently working on. I didn't post a topic about every game I made, so I will keep them all here.

Here are the download links for the games. They are chronological order.

Maze Game
Zoogot (Unable to find)
Maze Game II (With expansion)
Platform Escapades
Green Games
Rambi's Adventure
Chompy's Maze
Gherott (Frozen)

Here is a playlist I complied of LP's and other stuf pertaining to my game.


This is my first game ever with Gamemaker, with six worlds and three levels per world, totaling to 18 levels. The first version was finished during early October of 2006 (This game is over two years old). Levels have been added and "repaired" over a lot of time, until a version 2 was made. Of course it's nowhere near perfect, but it was a good start for someone who has never used Gamemaker before. And yes, these graphics were by hand with MSPaint. There is a help file that can be accessed by pressing F1 in-game. The game is glitchy; you can stick to walls. Also, in the first level in the second world (Level 4), whenever you lose in it or enter in it, an error message pops up. Just click Ignore and continue normally. I was an idiot and I never bothered fixing it. I can't fix it now, because I don't have the .gmk availible for it.


Visit this link for more information about this game.

This is my third game, which was started after a long haitus of game making. I started it in early-mid May 2008, and it's a huge improvement over the original Maze Game, in terms of graphics, mechanics and designs. With 20 worlds, 60 levels, 4 bosses, a 2P mode, many power-ups and obstacles, a sound test, and a boss rush mode, this is a huge leap forward from its prequel.


Visit this link for more information about this game.

My third game, started during mid-july. The supposed sequel to Maze Game II, Platform Escapades takes the series to a new level, with jumping over obstacles and gravity based puzzles as opposed to simple mazes. Like the Maze Game II, Platform Escapades has 20 worlds and 60 levels, and the 4 bosses from the preceding game are back with a new look and eviler than ever. In addition to the normal mode, there is a boss rush, and 20 bonus levels unlockable via passwords (Some passwords can be found in game, and some are found during events).


My most recent finished game. The purpose of it was for me to learn about many commands in Gamemaker that I haven't used before. This is a warioware-esque game where you have to complete a minigame in under 5 seconds, then you go to another one. There are 40 microgames to go through, and they appear in a random order. For more details, please press F1 in-game.


This is my latest game, and by far my most advanced one. This uses animated sprites and is a side-scrolling platformer. You control Rambi, who is trying to rescue Donkey Kong after K. Rool has seized him, and is using DK to make clones to serve K. Rool. I will make continuous posts here about progress on the project. Now for some screens, captions are below the pictures:

Here is a screenshot of the first level. I'm going to keep the FG graphics, so please don't make your post something like "The fg sucks," or anything like that. I'd rather you criticize other aspects of the game. Anyway, each level has several rooms, so if you die, you reappear in the beginning of the room you are in.

Yes, you can actually ride Funky's barrel plane. You use it to avoid bees and koptors, ram into other enemies, trying not to crash, and even in one of the boss battles, while going at a high speed. You control it by moving it up and down. It always moves to the right at a high speed, and it can't stop until it passes a no-barrelplane sign. However, if you hold left, you can slow down the plane, making it easier to navigate.

Here is the first boss, which is Cranky Kong. Cranky wants his peace and quiet, that he has obtained when K.Rool kidnapped Donkey Kong, and will stop Rambi so he can enjoy it. This may look like an easy fight, but it's a little tricky.


Chompy's Maze is a non-grid aligned maze game with improved graphics and scrolling levels.


Arrow Keys - Move
Mouse - Clicking overworld buttons and title screen buttons
M - Mute all sounds
N - Unmute all sounds


Half shameless ripoff, half innovative game, you get to kill your self 90 times! What are you waiting for, play this shit already!

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Eh, hopefully this update will get some replies.

In this level, Kackle follows you through his haunted mansion. Touching Kackle wont do any initial harm. However...

...Kackle starts to glow red over time. To prevent him from doing so, you need to touch the green plus sign barrels. If you don't touch one of these in a certain amount of time, he will instantly kill you, which is impossible to avoid. The more red Kackle is, the sooner he will kill you, unless you break a green plus sign barrel.
This is cool keep it up.I want to play it.
One thing.
The haunted house BG looks bad.

F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
Thanks, and I'll probably tint it brownish-grey later.

Anyway, here is a new screen of my game.

Rambi rides a high-speed minecart in this level. Jumping on bees will still kill you however.
sorry to be a complainer but if those are barrels that you stand on, there are to many, just a suggestion is to have more then 1 FG.
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I got bored so I randomly found Zoogot for you.
I've played Green Games, and the concept is quite neat. However, there are a few problems that you ought to address in the future. The timer is created with a draw event, correct? In the minigame where you control a car, the timer scrolls past several times. A better way to do this is to have the timer draw relative to the view. Use the variable view_xview[0] to do this. Second, you don't provide instructions for many games, which is especially frustrating because some use the mouse and some use the keyboard. Finally, 5 seconds quite frankly is not enough time to do most of these. An algebra problem in 5 seconds? (The first time, it is impossible to solve, but once you figure it out, it never changes.) I guess you tested each room individually, but you forgot to remember that people also must figure out the controls AND switch from whatever control method the last game used. I hope you keep these things in mind if you ever make a sequel.
WEB SonicBlue: I'm too lazy/unskilled to draw better tiles. I know it's not a valid excuse but eh. And the barrels break when you touch them.

Eddie: Thanks for finding the link. Unfortunately though, the file hosting service I used sucks and deleted the file from it's database.

Lucas: Thanks, I'll try to draw to a relative position with the timer when I do something like it again. I was just too lazy to figure out how to make it stay. Also, in the first post I said that all mini-games (except for the clean the slime one) explain what keys they use (If the instructions didn't specify what keys were used, then the four arrow keys were used). Additionally I thought the time I used was somewhat sufficient, since my brother played it. Of course, he lost in a lot of games on the first try, but a big part of the game is reflex.
No new update in a while, so here is another screen.

These monochrome D.K.'s are actually clones. As stated in the first post, K. Rool kidnapped Donkey Kong in order to mass produce clones to help him with world domination. These clones can be killed with a single jump, however.

BTW, the Donkey Kong's appear to be floating, but it's because it's a screenshot. It looks better in the actual game.
Cool idea!
I like this Donkey Kong Clones.

F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
Thanks, they were difficult to animate though.

Anyway, the levels and bosses are done, but I need to touch up the game, add extra stuff, etc. For now, here's a picture of the title screen (I made everything in it with

Well, Rambi's Adventure is finally released, and the link is in the first post. I hope you guys play and comment. I let two people play it before it was publically released, and they didn't complain about the graphics or bugs/glitches. I am very proud of myself, and it's a huge improvement from Platform Escapades in terms of graphics and gameplay. It's big and offers a lot to you, but it's half the filesize of Platform Escapades.

I think I'm going to take a break from Gamemaker. I hope you guys comment, and I'll try to answer questions about the game itself. Also, don't post passwords in this thread
Amazing games pester! Especialy Rambi's adventure!!

The 'moonwalking' problem you describe in the info file occured to me too.

I kinda solved it. But with some twists. And the kid can still airwalk if you mix moving with jumping, somehow

Anyways, I'm trying out Rambi's adv. now
I have to say, Rambi's Adventure was a good game :)

I've played it the whole way through, and only concern is that interacting with other objects is pixel-perfect. I was killed a few times because a bee's stinger nipped the end of Rambi's tail, but I was also saved because sometimes I caught the edges of platforms using nothing more than Rambi's nose. It'd be a bit nicer if deaths and landing on platforms was based more on hit boxes/bubbles than perfect-pixel interaction.

Either than that, the game was great. I give it 8/10.
Thanks, and I didn't know how to make objects have hitboxes. I suppose using a mask could work now that I think of it, but I have not tried it.

Also, I made a playlist of LP's others have made and other stuff. You can access it here or click the link I put in the first post.
I think it's time to post about my newest project in this thread. I have posted most of this in my profile and will put some extra stuff about it in the profile, but I'm going to put screenshots here for now.

Chompy's Maze

This is another maze game. It's almost nothing like Maze Games I and II, because instead of many levels that only take up one screen, they are fewer levels, but the levels scroll and are much bigger. This leaves room for more puzzles and obstacles, which were limited in the two Maze Games.

That's not the only difference; the controls have also significantly changed. The first two Maze Games were grid aligned games, where one press of an arrow key moved you into a 32 x 32 space. Chompy's Maze does not have that, so moving around is a lot easier and quicker.

Graphics have probably been the biggest complaint from people here, most notably the player sprite. As a result, I made it so Chompy (the main character) has four sprites (One for each arrow key direction) and looks more than a MSPaint drawing.

Anyway, here are a few screenshots:

Gameplay screenshot on level 1:

A gameplay screen, featuring new enemies not in the preceding games.

Everyone's [least] favorite obstacle is back: The Reverse Panel. It reverses the arrow key controls (Up makes Chompy go Down, Left makes Chompy go Right, and vice versa). Now, it has a new look with it.

I seriously recommend that you start using tilesets instead of using only that one block type, it is very dull. Just set your wall objects to be invisible and draw the tiles over them.

As for your hitbox problem, just change the sprite's bounding box so that it only includes the part of the sprite that should be affected by collisions.

Your new game is looking good, but it still quite a bit of style clash with the backgrounds (which I must say are the epitome of genericness)
I'm thinking of drawing a simple tileset, if I feel like it after I do everything else.

Anyway, I have added something to Chompy's Maze that has never been in a game I have made, which is an overworld. I made everything in the picture, and aside from the background gradient and the level buttons, everything was made in MSPaint.

[overworld image removed, it has been placed in my next post to make this thread feel less cluttered]
This project is far from dead, and now that Spring Break is here, I will be making significant progress on it.

Anyway, my overworld changes during the time of day that's on your computer's clock.

The overworld in the morning.

The overworld during the day.

The overworld in the afternoon/evening.

The overworld at night.

Now for the gameplay aspect of this post.

This new enemy is called a Toxoid. These guys are basically the equivalent of Thowmps except they don't wait for you to go near them; they are always smashing up and down.

A screen of the Toxoids in action.

Lorbes are luminous ghosts that are always visible in dark places. They are known to inhabit the Necropolis.

I plan on making more enemies that aren't spiked balls. I will continue to update this thread if I get replies.
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