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Mario Saves His Pal - 3-F in progress


Looks amazing can't wait to play it
@Lucky: Thanks. Time for a screenshot:

I also showed this at Discord. Question is: would you want this?
This has to do with switches.

Time to start 3-2. This will be hard, but I do have a start. Here is layer 3 progress.

Here is a layer 3 gravestone to the left and a 2 layer 3 palette moon. Feedback appreciated.
I did draw the layer 3 BG along with the moon and also 2 other layer 3 BGs with one having a YI reference and the other one based in a way on the l3 BG drawn by Katrina, I decided to tacked the FG. It will be hard. I do have references. Here is the start.

This is based on SMW, but YI style and uses 1 palette instead of the aforementioned 2 palettes SMW uses. Feedback welcome.
this looks amazing so far

The start of 3-2. It will be long.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73

The start of 3-2. It will be long.

Cool levels.

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
@Zavok: Thanks. Aside from some progress, this stage will have creepypasta images, so beware. At least I'm informing you. Anyway:

For this level, instead of organizing it by percentage, I'll do it by finished section. The 1st one is nearly done. I only need to add some exits.
Feedback welcome.
3-2 is done. (at last) Here are 2 screenshots of the area you are meant to find.

The beginning.

If you're unfortunate enough to progress, then you'll arrive here.

Feedback welcome.
Sorry for bumping my thread. I do have updates. 3-4 and the red button palace are finished. I've also drawn 2 enemies to fit the YI theme. I'll only show 1 of them. The other one will show in world 5. If you do play demo 2 if I'll release it, then you'll know what it is. Screenshots:

2nd section of 3-4.

Another sprite that joins the YI family is Boom Boom. I adapted it from SMB3 version. Added shading fit for YI and made spikes YI style. The sprite is drawn as best I could.

It uses the stomped frame. The shell part also have the YI detail.

Feedback welcome.
I also updated my first post.
I am very happy to see this hack getting as far as it is. I don't play very many hacks, but this is definitely one I'm keeping on my watch list. I loved Yoshi's Island back when I was a kid, and I still love YI and its graphical style very very much. This hack looks like it'll be a joy to play from the reviewing I've done of the previous pages on this thread.
I am very happy that the hack is going so well, although the project is slow, I hope to play soon

Originally posted by lo fang 123
I am very happy that the hack is going so well, although the project is slow, I hope to play soon

Thanks. While the progress is slow, it's still progress.
Here's a screen from section 2 of world 3's fort:

To the right you see the gunner chuck that throws bullet bills with their mouths swen shut?
This level will be a long one. I've done few things to it.
Feedback welcome.