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Teeth from Chip's Challenge over Hopping Bowser Statue


Name: Teeth

Type: sort of both original and rip I guess

Purpose: Sprite

Description: I want the graphics of this enemy from another game to be fitted over the statue. I would strongly, strongly prefer if no liberties were taken with the colors, I realize they are saturated and basic but it fits the style of where I intend to use it.

Reference: Here.
I'll take this request but I believe the hopping statue uses palette 8 (Mario's) so the disassembly might be best unless you want to edit the statue to use a different palette in general.
And they're finished.

This does require you to change the palette of bowser statue in some way.
I made the following hex edit.

;Bowser Statue Palette
org $038b37			;Original values,00,00,00,40,40,40
db $08,$08,$08,$48,$48,$48