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AddmusicK changes title screen sound effect

When I tested my hack after inserting new music, I noticed that the sound effect that plays at the Nintendo logo had changed. I then tried to remove songs and sample maps one by one in order to find out which one caused the problem, but the sound change persisted.

I then went as far as re-downloading Addmusick, in order to remove all traces of custom music, and then ran AddmusicK on a clean ROM, without changing any of the sound files.

It turned out that the cause for the sound change was by simply patching the ROM with AddmusicK. How do I fix this?

edit: Same thing happens when using AMKGUI.
AddmusicK uses "originals/30 IntroScreen.txt" song for Nintendo Presents screen, and no longer a sound effect. This is because all local songs load samples and sfx needs this to play properly.

You can see this change in "asm/SNES/tweaks.asm":
org $0093C0
LDA.b !NintPresents
STA $1DFB|!SA1Addr2