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VLDC13 - Discussion and Questions

This is probably going to be a no since we can make our levels as long as we want, but are 1-up checkpoints allowed? The reason I'm asking is because I plan on ending my level with a boss fight and I want to make it really challenging and I was wondering if using that would be okay or not.

you can use 1-up checkpoints, you have been able to in like, every vldc. at least the last bunch.
Good Day fellow Participants,

My name is Gabriel. I may be late to start, but I too am Participating in VLDC13. My last 2 VLDC Attempts didn't turn out so good. I got 98th Place for VLDC9 & 118th Place for VLDC12. I need to Prove to myself that I am Somewhat Decent at Level Design. As such, I am hoping 3rd Time's the Charm with VLDC13. This Time around, I am taking a Somewhat Different Approach with my Entry.

In VLDC9, My idea was you are seeing a Mirage, but instead of being in a Desert, you are in a Frozen Landscape. Choose the Wrong Path & you will be going in Circles. Sadly, that Level was Plagued with Cutoff & Enemy Spam to the Point that it was Practically Unplayable.

In VLDC 12, My idea was you are in an Eerily Silent Forest with the Same Mechanic. Choose the Wrong Path and you could be going in Circles. It was like a Ghost House, but in a Forest. Unfortunately, that Level had the Opposite Effect from Frozen Mirage. This one placed low due to a Severe Lack of Enemies and the Second Half of the Level being a Carbon Copy of the First Half.

This time around, I have to think Simpler. Not too simple as that will end up being the same as the Dark Forest. But not too Complicated as that will have the same Effect as Frozen Mirage. I also have to try to avoid the "Choose the Wrong Path" Idea, but I can't make Promises on that. My Goal is top 50 at least. Hopefully I can do it on my 3rd Attempt.
So I was wanting to make a level that utilizes all 4 Switch palaces. Would a patch that would skip the dialogue for the Switch Palaces be illegal?
Originally posted by MrMartley64
So I was wanting to make a level that utilizes all 4 Switch palaces. Would a patch that would skip the dialogue for the Switch Palaces be illegal?

I'm assuming you mean to say you're going to put the 4 switches in another level to hit quickly, which itself is fine, but do not use an external patch that messes with the message on those.

I wanted to make a level, but I can't continue because I overthink everything. (I'm never satisfied with the results)
I wanted to make a VLDC 13 entry, but I would have preferred if it was a KLDC but with vanilla rules. (more freedom with difficulty)

I made a one-way pipe in vanilla and a special gimmick and it's something that I didn't want to go to waste.
Originally posted by Dispace
Deadline Extension???

I wouldn't count on it.

Hey Fellow VLDC Participants and Judges. I have been really quiet as of late. No Forum Posts, no submission, nothing. Just to Clarify, I am not stepping down from the Contest. I do have my Level complete now. I haven't posted yet because I feel as though I should Playtest it a Bunch to make sure of no Cutoff, no Enemy Spam, no Slowdown, etc. I plan to Submit my Level and make the Forum Post by the end of today.
I forgot to change the velvet room music