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Better Monty Mole disassembly


I tried to tinker around with the monty mole disassembly in the site, but unfortunately, it has a lot of glaring issues. I can't edit the tilemap of the walking frames. I can't change the jumping frame. There is no defines for speed of the mole jump when they come out of the ground or ledge, and neither for their speed in the ground while chasing / moving around. The actual disassembly has no redeeming values and it's not worthy of using at all. It has a lot of limitations, which made a "simple" task of making a spiny that behaves like a mole, a pain in the ass.

For the new better disassembly, I would like to be able to customize the tilemap, the speed of the monty mole jump (without this thing of submap dependency), their speed on the ground. Extra bits should define it is a ground dwelling or ledge mole. Also, I should be able to choose which tile they use for the hole in the wall they create.

In other words, a better disassembly should keep the features of the old one, while being user friendly and adding actual defines for easier customization. I hope it's simple enough, I was disappointed that I can't customize such simple things in the actual disassembly.
I take this request.
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