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Hammer Powerup (Kirby / Amy style)


I'm requesting a standard powerup (like fire flower or cape) that gives Mario a hammer that he can swing.
The hammer appears on Mario's back when not in use, as in the castle 3 cutscene.

When X/Y is pressed on land, Mario will swing the hammer above his head and land it on the ground in front of him, playing the Yoshi stomp sound effect (the sound for yellow shells and yellow Yoshi, so basically the Yoshi stomp / spin jump stomp sound without the "stars" part) on impact.

When X/Y is pressed while walking or running, the above applies but Mario is slowed down slightly while swinging the hammer.

When X/Y is pressed in the air or while swimming, Mario will spin around with the hammer in front of him, so that the hammer completely circles around him, like Kirby's Adventure's Hammer ability and Amy in Sonic Advance, playing the spin jump sound (unless you have an idea for a sound that fits better, or maybe no sound).

Contact with the hammer will damage enemies, even before it hits the ground.

The powerup item will be the hammer's sprite standing upright, or maybe at a 45 degree angle.

Being a standard powerup, it cannot be used in small form, or in conjunction with fire or cape forms.

The powerup can work with all vanilla graphics, but it would be nice if more applicable graphics for certain animations were to be used.

I'm willing to provide more ideas if asked.

Image containing a few concepts

Edit: I'm aware that exists, and has a similar concept to what I want, but the differences in the powerup I'm requesting are listed above.

Edit 2: It would be great to have it be compatible with the 32x player patch.
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