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PAUSE Text from SMB3


If possible, I'd like to have the PAUSE text found in the original NES SMB3 when paused to display via UberASM or patch (uploaded to sprite, please).
Optionally with an option to make it blink.

Here's the graphics if needed.

Sure, I'll do this. I'm pretty sure I have some pause menu-like code I was working on I can repurpose for this...
Do you expect the 'PAUSE' graphic to be dynamically uploaded to the sprite tiles somewhere or are they going to sit in SP1/2? If the former, I imagine you expect all other sprite tiles to be hidden while the game is paused, correct? I'm pretty sure the latter was SMB3's functionality but I don't recall.
If you're interested I have this from my WLDC level. It's not dynamic though :P
let me know if it causes you troubles, i did mostly cursory testing only. the hijack here works with uberasm. it works on sa1/nonsa1, and some freerams are required. If you use any alternate Mario tilemap patches or anything (e.g. 32x32 player, 8x8 mario tile dmaer), migrate the logic for uploading the pause graphics to said patch instead, as this hijack will almost certainly conflict with them.

(e: I forgot the blinking initially, I added that now)
Thanks, both of you. :) Will test it out!