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This is for Nostalgia: SMWCentral in WayBack Machine Website

Do you know about the Wayback Machine ?
It's a website to check the website from a previous time.

This is the SMWCentral from the oldest:

16 Jun 2006
2 Mar 2008
20 June 2010
8 Feb 2014
4 Feb 2016

Do you missed the old times?

truly a whole different era
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread

I joined in 2012 but yes im a nostalgic human and the 2014 and 2016 ones hit. Especially the pony. I highly dont care about mlp but it represents the site to me now in a way that’s been ingrained into my mind. #fim{:)}

Also seeing project wonderful… man. I sure abused that :3 Good times...

Infact, here are some nice little nostalgic reminders for the mods #ab{:)}

Banner 1 #ab{¬_¬}
Banner 2 #ab{:)}
Banner 3 #ab{¬_¬}

To name a few :3
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I still really want Caffie Radio to come back. I'd be DJ'ing hype music for you guys 24/7 D:
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As a post-2016 member, sifting through SMW Central on the Wayback Machine is a fun experience by seeing how everything used to look, which people were around and still are to this day, stuff like that. Oddly nostalgic too, but that's likely just something 5 years of this community does to the brain.

The Project Wonderful ads I definitely remember ("Unblock our ads? <3" galore), although one aspect I've often been curious about is Caffie Radio. Seems like something younger me would've totally enjoyed, had I registered to the site like a year earlier.
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Sometimes I revisit my own profile just to see if anything too silly got saved (as a matter of fact some stuff did from way back, but hey, I was a little child) or just to be nostalgic about my own vibe and injokes from back in the day (weird as that may sound, looking at my past self makes me remember to be more positive and cheery sometimes), and I usually end up in a tour checking out other people's profiles and the rest of the site. The online list from older times is always crazy to look at. All those people who used to be mods, have different names or just be around at all...

But to me one of the most baffling things to see is how the sidebar text used to be as big as the post text. I swear I didn't remember that, it was really weird.
I want Caffie Radio back too. Where do I sign up to volunteer? #ab{;_;}

Now, for the sake of nostalgia, I revisit other people's profiles (and my own) every now and then in the Wayback Machine, and not gonna lie, I miss the old times a lot. I remember even having a MLP avatar or two at some point (back when having pony avatars was a trend) when I didn't actually watch too many episodes lol. Although tons of stuff from that era won't come back, it's still nice to look back and realize how much we changed in every sense.

Nostalgia? I hardly know ‘er#smrpg{:D}

(‘er being the website in this case)
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

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it's great to look back at the memories we share on smw central
I've been here since day 1.
Been an administrator, been a moderator, been banned, been on hiatus, now back. Such a history with SMWC :)
I haven't been a member of SMW Central for very long, but this is still somehow nostalgic for me.

I guess it's because it brings me back to a simpler time where I just watched people play ROM hacks on YouTube on my $70 phone. The memories of not having any responsibilities at all, and just being a kid.
Hello. I'm Hatsune Blake. I do mostly SMBX stuff, but I am interested in learning Lunar Magic.
You can find my SMBX account here.
Have a good day!
woah.. it really seems like nothing much has changed, at least layout wise, which is quite amazing. in 16 years
former toddler
I like to check my profile from time to time. I was such a cringe-ass teen, but at least it was fun.
i just lurk sometimes
It's SERIOUSLY nostalgic #smw{T_T}

Originally posted by vide0gameah
woah.. it really seems like nothing much has changed, at least layout wise, which is quite amazing. in 16 years

To your point, I love how well the original layout's look aged.