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Hackers Dreams Playtesting

Kaizo: Expert


I am looking for playtesters for Hackers Dreams. The hack will be added to smwc very soon, but before I do that I need people to playtest 4 of the levels for polishing and several people to play through (with or without savestates) just to verify everything works smoothly. For most of the playtesters playing without savestates you will probably only want to playtest one level as they are very large. You should also expect parts of it to be too hard since I am the only person who has played these levels so far.

The requirements are that you have lots of time to playtest in the next few weeks, that you can play on my custom build of ZSNES, bsnes, or mesen, and that you are willing to keep this extremely secret. This is obviously a very secretive project so it goes without saying that I don't want anyone streaming, recording, or sharing any of the material until I upload to smwc.

I would give strong preference to people who I have interacted with before and also to people who have a track record with kaizo because of the skill level of the hack. If this is something you are interested in please DM me on smwc.
i can certainly offer savestated testing, if im feeling brave i may try without

i am the coolest person !

le4che :).
interesting i would like to do this

you are a great person :3

I'm not from fairy tail
the hack is now compatible with console and snes9x for those who are interested in testing
i was waiting for this

you are a great person :3

I'm not from fairy tail
Update on Playtests: I need playtesters interested in casually playing a kaizo:hard (not pit) using savestates.

The context is that have a special level which needs separate testing on each emulator (will explain in PM). The reason for the savestates is not because of difficulty but because I am just testing emulator speeds.

if you are able to rapidly iterate on a level that is easy-ish with savestates and you can read a ram address while playing, please contact me on smwc.

Kaizo: Expert