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Worst c3

i hate those c3s 2018 winter 2020 summer 2014 winter and 2011 spring
Whats your worst c3 of all time
The worst C3 of all the time is...

the girl reading this.
play 100 horizontal
For real guys whats your worst c3 talk about it
I don't think labeling a year of people showcasing their hard work & effort as the "worst" makes for a good discussion.

Unless of course you're making a critique on the themes made for each C3, which in that case, we can ask to elaborate more on why you didn't like the themes used for this and that year.
Ok for 2020 summer its full of kaizo hacks and no normal completed hacks
I honestly disagree. For me, a great C3 has some neat custom sprites, ASM, musics and some nice graphics. The hacks being there, standard or kaizo, is just an added bonus for me. A worst C3 is the one who didn't have many cool sprites release.
What your point kun
Simple. I have more interest in resources like graphics, music, ASM and etc than if there's a lot of hacks kaizo or not. As a hack creator, I care more about making new fun levels and experimenting with new ASM, rather than playing a lot of hacks.
Ok good for you but can tell me your worst c3 theme of all times
None, as everyone put their effort in the work they did to release or show it.
hi ice Man what do think about last c3