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Mario not moving to the next level tile after completion

Hello! I'm having an issue with Mario not moving to the next level tile. I have paths set, the goal tape sprite corresponds with the direction set in the level options, I've cleared the overworld I'm messing with according to the F.A.Q. as well. Is there something I may be missing? Thanks in advance.

If I had to guess, it has to do with the level's event. In the background, the game uses the activation of an event to actually determine whether to open a path direction, in order to prevent having Mario walk to the next level after beating a level he's already beaten before. So if you don't have an event set, or have already activated that event elsewhere, they won't move.

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You also have to check if the level is one of the levels with auto moving disabled. This can be changed under Overworld > Change No-Auto-Move Levels...
Thanks for the input! The events on the levels was the issue. I had them all set to "no event" so maybe that was the case. I appreciate it!
One problem I end up having is when creating the paths, I create the path, when playing, Mario leaves the route and goes to level 0 (that bonus health level that appears when reaching 100 points in the levels)

So I have to go there on Lunar Magic and switch to a path that fit better

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