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Dungeon of Switches

Hello! I was wondering if I could get some feedback for my level. If you guys would like to give out your opinions about my level, feel free to!

Here it is!
This level in its current state would get disqualified because it has more than one exit, as ! Switches are level exits. I am sorry if I did not make that clear in response to your question in the other thread, but as the rules state:
Only one (1) exit per entry allowed. It may be any type of exit (goal tape, goal sphere, key and keyhole, exit direct to overworld, etc).

I understand. But there's also this:

Originally posted by NopeContest
Switch Palace Blocks are allowed, though you must include a way for them to be activated in a side level.

If there's only 1 level exit allowed, then wouldn't it be a bit pointless to use Switch palaces blocks at all (because a Switch Palace and a Goal tape in the same level would be illegal)?

Anywho, Just a small misreading of the rules. My bad! I'll take my submission down
I think there's a misunderstanding about "side level."
Instead of putting the Switch Palace switch in a sublevel, the idea is to make another level on the overworld where the switch can be activated.
- Signed, LuigiTime