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Romhack Races Baserom - Version 5.8


🛠️ Romhack Races Baserom

For creating the Super Mario World levels for the Romhack Races weekly races, we provide an (optional) baserom for anyone to use. While a lot of the changes made and patches applied are mainly to accommodate Kaizo level design in particular, it can be equally used for other hack styles and it is very suitable for general purpose hack creation.

To make life easier for you as a hacker, this baserom uses a Callisto workflow to automagically rebuild your hack every time you make changes to it and keep things tidy. To find out more, you can read the documentation included with the baserom or you can get any of the releases here to check it out. :)

Romhack Races Baserom README

🤓 Project Source

If you want to modify it for your own project, or report an issue you can checkout the GitHub repository for it. The repository also has more details and some additional resources to help you build upon the baserom for your own usage.
Baserom Github Project
Github Issue Tracker

⬇️ Download

The latest version of the baserom will always be available at the link below.
Latest Version

Update: Version 4.9

Mostly a maintenance update; updates included tools and resources to newer versions, reorganized baserom folders and updated batch scripts. See Changelog for more details.

(Going to try and keep on top of this thread with releases.)

Download →
Update: Version 4.10

This update brings a some new useful blocks to the baserom, mainly sprite-activatable ON/OFF blocks and blocks that act as a stationary swooper or spiny, along with some patch updates and organization changes. See the Changelog when you download for more details.

Download →
Update: Version 4.11

This version is mostly an update to make the baserom easier to use. Some of the tools that the baserom uses have been updated and the backup and build processes have been streamlined and improved to make them more understandable. See the changelog included with the baserom for more details.

Download →
Update: Version 4.12

This update brings a new uberasm objects system to the baserom to toggle features per-level. More vanilla sprites have been enhanced with extra bit behaviors and bunch of visual and bug fixes have been made. Included resources have been updated to their latest versions. See the changelog for more details.

Download →
Update 4.13

This is mostly a quality of life update to the baserom. Taking advantage of the custom user toolbar feature of Lunar Magic, this update adds helpful buttons to the UI for opening project folders and lists. There were also some minor graphics tweaks and streamlining.

Download →
Update: Version 4.14

Mostly bug fixes for the baserom in this update. Player X-Speed patch as been updated with a couple options, the power-up filter now also removes P-Balloon and bugs in the uberasm objects for retry have been fixed. Other changes include improved text for the demo levels and sprite demo rooms.

Download →
Update: Version 4.15

This release was focused on blocks. The screen-scrolling pipes were tidied up and their ASM was simplified a bunch to make them less unwieldy. Some new blocks got added in this update also: a pass-through pipe tile that clears held item, a set of camera control blocks and a single-use bounce block. Also added to this release was the Dragon Coin saving ASM so coin collection is saved.

Download →
Update: Version 4.16

This is a big feature update for the baserom! Version 0.5 of the uberasm retry system received some new sprite status bar features, like a sprite timer and coin indicators, which you can now make use of in your levels! Alongside that there was some bug and feature fixes plus improvements in how you can view and add the custom sprites that are already in the baserom to your levels.

Download →
Update: Version 4.17.1

Largely minor updates and bug fixes in this release; a conflict was resolved in the block duplication patch and the cape turnaround patch was updated to be toggleable by uberasm. The biggest change in this release is the batch build scripts got brought back and updated for those less familiar with Lunar Helper.

Update 4.17.1: some hotfixes and an inclusion of toggleable block dupes.

Download →
Update: Version 5.0!

Time for a major update to the RHR baserom! This release is a complete rebuild of the baserom with an entirely new toolchain and some updated tools:

- Lunar Helper has been replaced with a successor tool called Callisto, that serves as the new build system for the baserom. It works in a similar fashion but brings improved performance and usability
- UberASMTool and AddmusicK have been bumped to their latest releases (2.0 and 1.0.9 respectively) which also bring some improved functionality
- the UberASM Object system that has been in RHRv4 for a few releases has had a rewrite to be more functional and bring more features to the baserom
- the initialization process for getting started has been streamlined and all the included documentation in the baserom has been significantly updated and explains a lot more about what's what in the baserom.
- several outstanding issues were fixed and much of the resources got tidied up

As always you can get the baserom by downloading the zip file below. If you need more information check out the new documentation or reach out in RHR Discord.

Download →
Update: Version 5.1

A non-crucial update to provide the newly released Lunar Magic 3.40, as well as an updated Callisto. A couple small bug fixes were included.

Download →
Update: Version 5.2

This release is largely updates to documentation (which now has an online component 🎉) and bug fixes. Feature-wise the changes are minimal: you can now more easily disable the statusbar hack-wide with gamemode uberasm and fireballs from spinjump are now an uberasm object. View the Changelog for more details.

Download →
Version 5.3

New release so soon! This was a hotfix to fix a FreeRAM conflict but I folded in some additional things:
- the springboard fixes patch was made ram-toggleable (midairs are back!).
- the user toolbar actions now no longer hides Callisto output, to allow you to see if something goes wrong.
- plenty of readme updates, including a new page about the initialization process
- FreeRAM files and documentation got cleaned up.

Download →
Version 5.4

A more featureful update coming in 5.4! The included baserom levels have been overhauled to better present information to you when you open Lunar Magic, the custom Lunar Magic toolbar has gotten additional functionality, the retry system has a new safety mechanism to clear saved checkpoints, and a new block has been added for bumping throw blocks. See the changelog for more details.

Download →
Version 5.5

A few new things coming in version 5.5 alongside the usual under-the-hood improvements. There's a new block: a collectable on/off "coin", the UberASM feature to clear checkpoints now runs on the overworld and clears all saved CPs, and custom block ExGraphics and ExAnimation got a bit of an update and reorganization to fit in the new coins block animation. See the changelog for more details.

Download →
Version 5.6

The release of version 5.6 brings mostly documentation improvements, code clean up and bug fixes, but a few small features have been added. There's a new layer 3 status bar indicator for levels that use retry, and new UberASM objects for disabling cape flight and screen shake.

Download →
Version 5.7

Some under-the-hood improvements in this release, the retry indicator now as a sprite tile component for when the layer 3 HUD is hidden and it can be toggled on with an UberASM object. As for other UberASM objects, they have been expanded to include some for setting the initial player state or starting on Yoshi. See the changelog for more details.

Download →
Version 5.8

A bit of a housekeeping update for this version. Some patches were upgraded to incorporate newly found fixes, Callisto and AddMusicK have been updated to their latest version, as has the UberASM retry system. Additionally, the global ExAnimation got reworked to be more out of the way, and a basic Autosave on Overworld feature was added. See the changelog for more details.

Download →