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72hoQLDC #1 - Results

ResultsLevel Design

Results of the 72 hour Questionable Level Design Contest!

It's been 72 days[citation needed] since the contest closed and I would again like to thank everyone for their phenomenal turnout in such a short contest but the results are finally here! First, I want to thank our judges for this contest: authorblues, Kezcade, and  patcdr who volunteered their time and effort to evaluate this contest. Unfortunately,  JamesD28 had to withdraw from fully judging due to other commitments but still had some input in final deliberations. Without further ado, here's the top 3 entries for this event:

72hoQLDC #1 - Cool Level

There was an astounding number of great levels this contest and the majority of the levels impressed our judges in some way. But for the entries that unanimously wowed our judges for their creativity and knack for being questionable while still being fun, every one of the following creators is earning a "Cool Level" badge for their creations this contest. The list is sorted by entry number.

72hoQLDC #1 - ParticipantFor participating in this 72hoQLDC everyone else will get this trophy for their profiles.

72hoQLDC #1 - JudgeFor generously donating their time and effort to this contest our judges will be getting this trophy!

Judge Comments

If you would like to see the detailed notes the judges gave on each entry you can view this spreadsheet that has a page for each judge.  patcdr went an extra mile with his feedback and you can find his comments on his website.

Play the Winning Levels!

Since there were so many levels worth experiencing from this contest (aside from the award winners), we encourage people play or try them out!

Thank you all for a great event, see you next time. #smrpg{y}

Congratulations on your victories and on Cool Levels! #smrpg{y}

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs

Oh, I got a cool badge. tbh I didn't aim for a first place this time like I did in the previous contest, so I'm taking this.

I really like these contests, playing through other entries is always fun. And speaking of other entries congrats, bebn for winning, yours was definitely one of my favorites.

Huge thanks to amper and the judges for hosting this contest again.
I'm honoured. 😳

I think this is one of the levels I'm the most proud of and had the most fun making, so I'm glad everyone had fun with it as well.

Some fun facts about my level:
-The cement block in the second room is actually a turn block, so you can hit it to release the pizza if it gets stuck.
-I tampered with every port used in the entry by changing the tempo and pitch. The outlier is the overworld port, which instead has a brief portion of the melody changed to something else.
-The "Crack Open Shells" room was actually the result of an accident. Originally, the room was supposed to involve hitting the same block 4 times to break it open and reveal the door. However, GPS's %change_map16() routine instead always changes a block on Mario's position (rather than the block's), so I retooled the room into what it is now.
-The EULA is mostly copied from YouTube's terms of service, with a couple of words changed or omitted to make it more general. A couple of phrases are from different EULA templates I found online as well. I manually typed all of it into the b4vwf messages.asm file at 3 in the morning.

Here's to more QLDCs, because we need more oddball, out-of-the-box levels. I had lots of fun playing through everyone else's entries. Thank you Amper for spearheading the contest, the judges for dedicating your time to going through all the levels, and all the participants for making levels!
Congratulations to the top 3 people! I hope everyone had fun with participation.
Hello. I'm Hatsune Blake. I do mostly SMBX stuff, but I am interested in learning Lunar Magic.
You can find my SMBX account here.
Have a good day!
Thank you! This 72hoOLDC has been a blast:)
super happy that the judges had a really fun time playing my level
thanks for the beautiful cool award #wario{B)}
Congrats! I'm intrigued to try out some of the stages myself.
Please pardon the eye.
Honoured to be part of the top 3! Congrats to Ferpy and Bebn as well, those are much deserved wins!

Also congrats to everyone for participating, QLDC is a really fun contest to take part to, and to see all the creations people come out with. Hoping to see more contests of this kind in the future!
I can't believe 72 days[citation needed] have passed since the submission period ended! Results sure have been a long time coming.

Questionable timeframe aside, congrats to the well-deserved winners and participants! This was a lovely batch of creative entries, it's been great to see that come out of QLDCs so far. Certainly vouching for more down the line as well. Thanks to AmperSam for hosting this contest again, and congrats to the judges for taking on the entries too! Always a joy to watch it all unfold through livestreams.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
I just notice something really surprising. This is the first time in a SMWC Level Design Contest where all the judges were pretty chill and were fine about my entry! And none of the judges hated or disliked my entry at all! I feel so relief and really happy by that!! Even though, I may not win in the top 10 or top 3. What matter most is that, all the judges in this contest were alright and fine with my level! That shows I am definitely getting better at my level design skills!! #smw{B)}
Anyways, congrats to the well deserved winners and participants!!

ResultsLevel Design