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SMWC2 Public Beta

A year ago, we announced the start of a new era for SMW Central: the Open Beta for SMWC2.

Today, SMWC2 enters its Public Beta stage. Now anyone can use SMWC2 - and in just a few months, it will replace the outdated site design entirely. Today marks the beginning of the end of the legacy theme!

So, to recap

SMWC2 is a complete overhaul of SMW Central's codebase. For us, this makes it far easier to create new features. For you, it comes with a modern redesign of the entire website. SMWC2 remains faithful to the classic look of SMW Central, but at the same time provides first-class mobile support and revises some of the more confusing design choices of the legacy site.

If you're still uncertain about SMWC2, you can look at the interactive demos of the Main Page and the Forum Index.

Like last time, I want to thank wye for creating the design, as well as Kieran Menor, p4plus2, and Ersanio for organizing SMWC2 in the first place. I also want to thank all of our Beta Testers for their invaluable feedback during the Open Beta phase.

What does this mean for me?
If you've never used SMWC2 before, welcome aboard! You can now select SMWC2 as a Theme from your Edit Profile page. In our Discord server, you will also find a new channel named #smwc2-beta, where you can discuss SMWC2.

Not all pages are converted to SMWC2. The ones that aren't will use the current site design, called the "legacy theme". The remaining pages are currently being converted internally and will all become available at once in the near future.

If you're one of our Beta Testers, not much will change for you at this point. You can still use SMWC2 as before.

Once again, I would like to remind everyone that SMWC2 will very soon replace the legacy theme. It, alongside every old scheme, will not be available again. This is a massive change and we want the new design to be perfect. So, I urge you to try it now and give feedback.

One more thing...
As you will see (or already know), SMWC2 offers 3 schemes to choose from - Default, Rust, and 2006 Nostalgia. As of now, these SMWC2 schemes, as well as the template for creating new schemes, are open source on GitHub.

During the next few weeks, we will look into creating a light scheme, as well as providing SMWC2 ports of the popular Rain and Super Mario All-Stars schemes from the legacy design.

Anyone is free to design and contribute an SMWC2 scheme - check out the GitHub page for more information! And, as you might expect, we have rewards ready for those who help us expand SMWC2's scheme collection.
That's all for now. Thank you for the continued support over the years!
WOOHOO!!! Now we got a chance to make new site schemes for the new site design, and I wish for more legacy site schemes (like the Summer C3 2014 8-bit theme) to be ported in the SMWC2 site redesign. Can't wait to see how it goes!
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
time to bring that blue smwcentral theme mockup to life #smrpg{:D}
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
reminder for myself to look into porting the SMAS scheme

Looking good so far. Good to see this project after all these years is finally getting somewhere.

First SMWCP2 is released, now SMWC2. My body is not ready for this much excitement :)
Layout by LDA during C3.
Originally posted by Lightvayne
First SMWCP2 is released, now SMWC2.

2022: The Year of the 2's™
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Just started using the public beta. And I gotta be honest I'm probably going to be sticking with the 2006 Nostalgia theme, haha~
It's only one of the things I love about this site. So please don't get rid of it. #smrpg{<3}
Update time! As of today, SMWC2 is the theme seen by all guests and is the default selection for newly registered users.

We're also introducing a new legacy scheme, called "Modern", which roughly imitates SMWC2. "Modern" is the new default scheme. This means that guests and newly registered users will see it on the pages that haven't yet been converted to SMWC2. Of course, you can still freely switch away from SMWC2 or use any legacy scheme (including "SMW Central", the old default).

I want to remind everybody that SMWC2 will soon completely replace the legacy site design. Once this happens, the old schemes will not be available anymore. So, if you're still unsure about SMWC2, please try it and give your feedback!
As a side note, let me address a concern that multiple people have mentioned regarding the "2006 Nostalgia" scheme. This is a full-featured SMWC2 scheme and there are no plans to remove it. The schemes that will disappear are those from the legacy design - the ones that show up if you select "Classic" as your Theme in the Edit Profile page.

And, speaking of schemes, a brand new SMWC2 scheme has been added - "Dark Blue", courtesy of Dark Mario Bros!

Am I the only one who prefers the old design more? Don't get me wrong...SMWC2 looks amazing! Its just hard for me to navigate after using the old design for so long. Besides, this site looks so unique compared to other rom hacking websites.
Originally posted by MarioSonic4life
Am I the only one who prefers the old design more? Don't get me wrong...SMWC2 looks amazing! Its just hard for me to navigate after using the old design for so long. Besides, this site looks so unique compared to other rom hacking websites.

That's why they're keeping the nostalgia site scheme.
That should make it easier to move around the site and keep things familiar.
But yeah I feel similarly. I've known this design since 2011. So it'll be hard to say goodbye forever. But progress is progress!
Originally posted by MarioSonic4life
Its just hard for me to navigate after using the old design for so long.

Can you elaborate? I've been using SMWC2 beta for literal months now, and transitioning was very easy for me back then, since I found that aside from a few things (like the profile button), everything was still pretty much in the same place.

Do you have a specific example for some functionality that you have trouble using with the new design?
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I for one am glad that C3's gimmick this year was passed up for SMWC2 progress. If you guys want the VLDCX theme ported over to SMWC2's layout, just give me a shout and I'll get the assets together.
Wow, this is the first time I've seen the SMWC2 layout. I'm really liking it.
I'll use SMWC2 if you add the option for the glitched skin
Paul '96
was certainly a surprise to see this new theme while logged out.

reminds me of the recent and tasvideos redesigns.

I have been using this theme for two weeks or so and it didn't disrupt my user experience all that much,

some things have placing changed vs. old smwc (like user profile, my files, PM) but it only took me a few minuts to adapt.

There's still some pages not covered by the theme, the write answer page, the submission successful page come to mind, I guess those are more minor pages that will be done easily nearing the end of the project.

I also observed some new behaviours, the spc player can stay active between pages of the music section, so I imagine the display system was made dynamic, it is a very welcome addition!

Another new thing I am seeing, is now some pages do not load at default zoom with their tables completely visible, little arrows appeared to enable table scrolling: it is weird at first, but now I hope some more info may be added to the tables since display space is not a problem anymore.

All-in-all the hard work on this is very appreciated and I am sure it will give a nice refresh to our beloved user interface.


PS: I am not so sure the text contrast works in the display of forum thread titles in "dark blue" scheme, because it is blue against blue. Sometimes it looks good enough and sometimes it gets really hard to read! I think my favourite scheme so far is the default one...
Having used the public beta for some time now I can confidently say that it works very well technically and aesthetically it looks very nice (the nostalgia theme does a good job replicating the classic look).
I look forward to when the rest of the site is converted to this version.

I have noticed, that in the nostalgia scheme, the background flickers a bit around some of the ranks. This probably isn't news to anyone though. It's obvious enough.
More updates! The language files used for SMWC2's translations are now on GitHub. As with schemes, anyone can help translate the site to another language - instructions are on the GitHub page.

If you help translate the site, you'll receive this wonderful trophy. We'll even customize it to match your language!

The trophy for scheme contributors is also done - here it is!
Can we translate it to Arabic please
Originally posted by Mohamad20ZX
Can we translate it to Arabic please

If you read the post directly above yours the language files are now hosted on GitHub and anyone is open to help translate the site following the instructions on the GitHub page.
If you'd like to see an Arabic translation feel free to help translate the language files.