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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #2 (2022) - Preliminary Round: Set X


Originally posted by JupiHornet
- You can only nominate one track per artist.

Songs:Ohia - John Henry Split My Heart

Titus Andronicus - Ecce Homo

mewithoutYou - Blue Hen

surely nominating three songs based on their lyrics will not backfire!
Originally posted by Ryman
Modern Talking - No Face, No Name, No Number

TheSuperMarioBros2 - Penger

ExileLord - Coalescence and Segmentation

I don't know if the last two count. For me, they serve as standalone songs that are custom-made for rhythm games (Guitar Hero/Clone Hero specifically)

Other than those, that's all I got :)

Those last two count as VGM if they were made specifically for games.
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basic ass picks because my only thought was "what songs first come to mind when I THINK 'what songs do i start dancing to as soon as i hear the first few chords?'" and the answer is:

Charli XCX - Boys
Beach Bunny - Sports
MGMT - Kids

Omnitica - Straw Hat Pirates (Instrumental)

TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love
(CW: sex, religion, just heavy life stuff)

Easy Company NY - X & O