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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #2 (2022) - Preliminary Round: Set V


Yoshiatom's Post

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<DeputyBS> I knew it
<DeputyBS> alcarobot is taking over the world through his truck dealership franchise
The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

The Highwomen - Crowded

Ghost - Square Hammer

I think that's it

you are a great person :3

I'm not from fairy tail
Radix - Confusion
Kygo - ID
Seinabo Sey - Pretend

Might have looked for some more exquisite songs for a longer time than that, but the contest came in sooner than I expected (frankly, I didn't check for the date in 2022 Calendar thread). However, these nominations should be much better than mine when I had participated in a Non-VGM Contest for the very first time.
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2022 songs only cuz i dont live in the past man
quelle chris - alive ain't always living
imperial triumphant ft. kenny g and max gorelick - merkurius guilded
soul glo - gold chain punk (whogonbeatmyass?)

will either change 6 times or never touch cuz i forgot
edit: 1/3 of the way to 6 lets go

Originally posted by ergazoobi
2022 songs only cuz i dont live in the past man
billy woods - remorseless
thou & mizmor - drover of man
black country, new road - the place where he inserted the blade

will either change 6 times or never touch cuz i forgot

Someone already submitted The Place Where He Inserted the Blade, so you'll have to change them at least 1 time :P
Sorry about that.
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The Who - Baba O' Riley Probably My Favorite Song Ever
Blue Oyster Cult - Then Came the Last Days of May
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

I might change a song here but for now I think these are good. Yes they're all Rock songs.
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