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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #2 (2022) - Wild Card Round: Set A


My picks are...
  • Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter
  • T-Square - Takarajima

Other comments...
  • I realized CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery was a Sample Pack Contest entry after a brief look at the video picture. Guess we have more than one coming on down... very well then, game on. Interestingly, I haven't listened to anything past the fourteenth one both because I was losing interest and I was actually failing to produce my own entries as well (the fifthteenth one is the one that I technically have the most progress on, but surprisingly I consider it to have been seriously affected by the workflow of Renoise, which is what I produced it on.).
  • Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter is a strange, strange mixture of some jazzy, disco-esque with rock 'n roll and various other styles. I ended up picking it because for whatever reason, it began to catch on with me.
  • I ended up choosing T-Square - Takarajima over multiple others because I felt that most of the others were mostly trying to go too hardcore in their execution, and this one had a softer sort of sound that for me gave it the slot.
T-Square - Takarajima
Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk
Frums - Options EX

(I had to do it)
Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!: Am sold.
TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love: I dig this. I was indecisive about the 4 SMWC-core songs in this so I'm glad in the end I can just be the odd one out.

Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter: Very comfortable listen. Goes all over the place sometimes, but it pays off in some parts
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk: Pretty good but it took until the end to stand out to me
T-Square - Takarajima: Very sweet listen. I love that freaky flute and the Mother 3 bass so much. Lost me a bit by the end, I think I like the beginning better than the climax
Frums - Options EX: Develops kinda weirdly at times and it sure takes its time to build up, but I appreciate the climax and the track is fine in general
CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery: Can you guys stop nominating VGM to this contest thanks. This is pretty good though.
Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark: It's like SOAD but edgier. Didn't exactly stand out to me.
2021 Music Tourney Penultimate Champion

1. Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!: im just happy to see some Jungle here. Peep Goldie, hes one of the Jungle greats.

2. Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark: POOOOOWWEEERRRRRRRRRRR
3. Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk: sounds like Haken. all you need.

4. Frums - Options EX: hanging wit a bad alien biddy

5. Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter: sounds like Haken. all you need.

6. winCity- maybe I’m just tired of love: if Milo got brought up by Logic instead of Open Mike Eagle.

7. TAKARAJIMA -- T-SQUARE: group chat started talking about Nation of Islam halfway through the song. "Reliving the past.. yuh lost!"

N/A. CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery: NON-VGM TOURNEY. also the last verse-melody was literally ripped from an Ariana Grande song. just post that?
pre-review jam: Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes: ITS SO EROTIC WHEN YOUR MAKEUP RUNS

ppre-review jam: Ginger Root - B4: fun

pppre-review jam: Joey Chestnut eats 71 hot dogs to win Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for 12th time | ESPN: holy shit dudes eatin

mid-review jam: Erika Vikman - Cicciolina: lets go on a car ride to the mall and buy clothes and look at boyyyyyyysssssssss ahhhhhaaah summer !!!!!!

mmid-review jam: Billy Woods - NYNEX: the slavemasters kids all looked identical.

2021 Music Tourney Penultimate Champion
Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark - LOL YOOOO 2000S POWER METAL
(released in 2010 it makes the cutoff)

Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter - it starts off sounding like haken (pre haken). very good track

Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk - this is what plays when you see brock lesnar down the street

Kid Lib - Yeah Uh! - this is pretty sweeet jungle its like a ringtone in a fucked up early access steam game

Frums - Options EX - This is alright

CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery - vgm

TAKARAJIMA -- T-SQUARE - background music to wandering around in a mall in an early access steam game

TwinCity - maybe I’m just tired of love - music to listen to in the corner away from others
"Fantasize about the taste of her clit
Fantasize about my face on her tits
I'm just looking for a space for my dick
Cuz I know that she got a taste for that shit"

Erika Vikman - Cicciolina - this is music to goon to
NYNEX - Billy Woods - squeaky
VOTE #1: Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk | This is pretty good. At first it sounded like "Tunnel Rhino 2", but then it turned into something more pro westler entrance-y and by the end it won me over with some really good guitar riffs combined with good synths.

VOTE #2: Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark | Very corny, VERY mid-2000s and VERY nostalgic. Even though it's pretty standard power metal, a genre I'm not really into anymore, this song is really carried by the singer's voice. At first I thought he sounded like the dude from Disturbed, but after like a second he really let his own style shine through and it's a really appealing-to-the-ears voice. Overall nothing out of this world but very nostalgic and nice. If I had one major complaint it's that the song is a bit too long for what it is, could've been like a minute shorter and been better off for it.

* * *

-Kid Lib - Yeah Uh! | This ain't bad but doesn't do much for me. It feels like the stereotype of what the Jungle genre is, and doesn't really like do much for me emotions-wise. It's fine but it's not special amongst the jungle songs I've listened to and doesn't really make me feel particularly strong about it.

-T-Square - Takarajima |

-CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery | bro where do i put in the coin this is some shmup stage 4 song. doesn't really grab me tho

-Frums - Options EX | This type of ambient song isn't usually my thing; I'm not the kind of person who really basks in all the sounds and relaxation on a song like this. But I do find it very chill and good to listen to while doing other things. I think what it seeks out to do it does very well and it has some good sound. I guess I'd say I respect this song more than I like it. Plok synths baby.

-Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter | It's jazz. I love jazz. I don't know what else to say here it's standard jazz and that's all I like.

-TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love | The beats are good and the lyrics aren't bad (if a little tacky and corny at times) but I feel like with the type of voice the rapper he has he doesn't have enough confidence and energy in the way he delivers the bars to really make it work. I don't necessarily think every rapper has to be high energy or whatever and that's not even exactly what I mean but with this specific voice I feel like it really needs more spirit to really work.

* * *

-MID REVIEW JAM: Erika Vikman - Cicciolina | It's not bad. I feel like I'd hear it at a shopping mall. I expected a lot more from foreign europop though, that shit usually slaps beyond belief.

-MID REVIEW JAM: Billy Woods - Nynex | Pretty good vibes.
1. Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!: I liked this a lot. Great vibing music, jungle being in the tournament is cool

2. Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark: FUCK YEAH DUDE

3. Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter: Yeah it's alright

4. Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk: TUNNEL RHINO I'M JUST LIKE YOOOOU TUNNEL RHINOOO

5. TAKARAJIMA -- T-SQUARE: This is what plays when I'm washing a car in Gran Turismo. Drags forever and doesn't change

6. Frums - Options EX: This dragged forever. Kind of the same problem four songs in this set but I never really enjoyed it

7. winCity- maybe I’m just tired of love: Has some wack corny ass lyrics. Dude needs a ghostwriter

8. CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery: I don't remember what this sounds like. Lol
My choices are:
  1. T-Square - Takarajima
    (Imagine if I could listen to this in my car.)
  2. Frums - Options EX
    (This puts up to my taste.)

Honorable mentions:
  • Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter
  • Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark

“YAAAARGH!!! I can’t decide! I just can’t decide!!”
A tough choice. It's hard to pick which one is the best-est.
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
Frums - Options EX
Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!
(honorable mention: Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter)
Frums - Options EX

It was honestly a three-way tie between these two and The Bounty Hunter, but seeing how well the latter was already doing I decided to cast my vote for these two. I want to give an honorable mention to Incredible Machinery, since that was also pretty up there for me, and A Voice in the Dark was also pretty nice.
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk
Frums - Options EX

Next tourney is going to be vocals only so people can stop nominationg the psuedo-VGM.
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk
- This song does a lot of musical things that appeal very heavily to me.
Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter
- This went nowhere I was expecting it to at any point, and was overall a fantastic listen.

EVERYTHING ELSE (in order of best to worst):
Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!
- I'm a big fan of jungle music. It's technical, and it sounds cool, and I can bop to this.
CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery
- Very impressive sample usage. I like this song.
Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark
- I don't usually listen to the radio, but if I were to turn it on, and find a station playing metal, it would be playing this song.
T-Square - Takarajima
- Definitely not near the top of my T-Square list, but also not a bad song.
Frums - Options EX
- Cool sound! It didn't really catch my attention for most of the time, though.
TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love
- Yeah I'm tired too
Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!: nice.
T-Square - Takarajima: a """vgm""" oh my god. Sounds catchy to me. Was undecided between this and The Bounty Hunter, though.

Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter: This is what you'd usually hear in a very ancient cartoon. Pretty good, even though it progresses weirdly sometimes.
CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery: Another strong contender for VGM, lol, but it's solid.
TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love: Sounds like one of those rap songs I used to listen to as a kid. I dig it (weird taste). The rhythm is out of place, but that's about it.
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk: Okay. Kinda all over the place, but it's a nice listen.
Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark: Very heavy sounding. It doesn't grab me too much, sadly. Also, I swear I listened to one song from Blind Guardian but I don't remember which one
Frums - Options EX: Drags on for too long
Originally posted by DeppySlide
Next tourney is going to be vocals only so people can stop nominationg the psuedo-VGM.

That can backfire in different ways... I know of a few SNES songs that have vocals in them, one of them even perfectly dumpable in SPC format.
Set B, or not to be?

1. Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk
2. Frums - Options EX
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
T-Square - Takarajima
CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery

Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter
T-Square - Takarajima

(Forgot to vote in set A...)
Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter
T-Square - Takarajima
Frums - Options EX
CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk

Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!
Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark

TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love (CW: sex, religion, heavy topics)

incredible set.
kid lib