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Stereo BRR Request Thread >> Obi-Wan Kenobrr (Check your PM/DMs in the next few days)

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Last Time...

Welcome back to the Stereo BRR Request Thread where I rip samples based on your favourite sound clips to samples you can use for SMW! This is a good tradition to always continue, and this will continue until the C3 forums close. Anyway...

Let's refresh ourselves with the rules as usual.
- I have every right to ignore your request under any means. I won't be picky, but that being said I will do my best to say no.
- Recommended time with samples is 1-3 seconds long. The longer it is, the less likely I'll do it.
- If you want it a lower quality for fitting sfx samples into existing songs, or if you know you have a lot of space in your rom, let me know!
- You can have your sample either Mono, Pseudo-Stereo, *Surround, or Stereo. Keep in mind Stereo samples take up twice the space if you want to use them in your rom.
- If you want to have the sample looped, mention it!
- To prevent the mess of having to rip 50 samples for one user, I'll limit it to 5 per post! Any more and I [probably] won't do all of yours.
- After I am done your samples, you can post again.
- Try not to request samples I already did. Search the previous threads to see what I've done before.
- I'm less likely to rip actual instruments. Not that I won't, I am getting better.
- Provide the WAV/MP3/OGG/FLAC/other sound files yourself, if possible. I am now accepting BRR file optimizations too! (Tho, it'll take twice as long)

*note that this isn't "true" surround; it's an audio illusuion that few SNES games actually used. Best known example is Trials of Mana's OST.

To help make requesting easier, use the template below.
Originally posted by example
Sample(s) I want ripped: [link]
Length: (Seconds. If the length establishes itself, it's not required)
Style: [Mono/Phseudo-Stereo/Stereo/Surround]
Looped: [Yes/No]
Other Comments: [Fill if necessary]

Have fun!
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Sample(s) I want ripped: OOOOOOH, BANANA!!
Style: Stereo
Other comments: Donkey Kong 64 deserves more love. It is a bad game, indeed, but a very charming one. That's why I request this funny sample.

Sample(s) I want ripped: YM2608 Rhythm Sound Source
Style: Mono
Looped: No
Other Comments:
Perfer file to be rip
Hey there, thanks for this!


Length: Full length of sound (~2 seconds)

Other info: So this is not going to be inserted as a sample within a preexisting a song or anything, but is just going to be my "Nintendo Presents" sound (so obviously it's not going to be looped). That being said, I don't have a ton of room in my rom; so I'm not exactly sure what the best option is here. I'll just say "medium quality," to be on the cautious side.

Thanks again!

Sample(s) I want ripped: Sunsoft DPCM Slap Bass
Style: Mono
Looped: No
Other Comments: The submission contains three links.
The first one leads to the original rip aka the famitracker recreation of the sample (It also contains a bunch of other Bass DPCM samples, but I'm not interested in those),
The second leads to the ripped wav (which contains three "versions" of the sample, used in octave 2, octave 3 and octave 4 respectively),
and the third leads to an "example" wav which shows how it generally sounds when used (not sure if you even need this tbh but included it anyway.)
Thanks in advance! #smrpg{<3}
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!
Length - 9 seconds
Style - Stereo
Looped - No

Bc SAGE is coming next month.
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Samples I want ripped: Grapefruit Cookie Jump grapefruit_run_start_2
Length: (Seconds. If the length establishes itself, it's not required)
Style: Mono
Looped: No

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Sample(s) I want ripped: JonTron - No (0:11-0:13)
Length: 2 seconds
Style: Mono
Looped: No
Other comments: Maybe remove the background music, if possible.
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WIP Hack:

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