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Need help making lx5 Marine Pop work

There's no more page for the sprite other than his own thread with a direct download below and I tried adding it with Pixi after converting it to SA-1 and received this error:

spr_temp.asm:9: error: (E5016): File 'C:/Users/the/Desktop/Lunar Magic/pixi_v1.32/sprites/2E 0C' wasn't found. [incsrc "C:/Users/the/Desktop/Lunar Magic/pixi_v1.32/sprites/2E 0C"]

I have no idea what's wrong so I tried on a rom without SA-1 and got this error instead:

c:/users/the/desktop/old/pixi/sprites/marine_pop.asm:107: error: (E5016): File 'subroutinedefs.asm' wasn't found. [incsrc subroutinedefs.asm]
c:/users/the/desktop/old/pixi/sprites/marine_pop.asm:757: error: (E5117): Unknown command. [JSL 0]

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Even if it's an old sprite (2016) it should still work right?

lx5 Marine Pop thread (