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SMW Music Porter's Calculator (SMPC) v1.0

Submission Page

This project does not have a repo, so please use this thread to report any issues, provide suggestions for future versions, etc. I know it's not optimal, so apologies.

What is SMPC?

Originally revealed at the 2022 Summer C3, SMPC is a convenience tool to help porting music using AddmusicK, the current music compiler/inserter for Super Mario World for the SNES (at the time of this post).

SMPC was designed to replace an ordinary calculator program in most if not all functions related to music porting for said game/console, being the most useful when porting is being done using a more traditional method, such as converting or transcribing a MIDI.

To achieve its goal, SMPC features a multitude of converters that take inputs of parameters that one would normally find in their MIDI/DAW or in their porting activities and instantaneously convert them into various AddmusicK commands or parameters. The outputs are then displayed for the user to readily copy and paste into their MML, or similar purposes.

SMPC also strives to provide accurate conversions (disclaimer: perfect accuracy is NOT guaranteed for all of its converters, although efforts were made to make all of them as accurate as possible), in the hope of reducing the time spent in porting with trial and error.


  • Various converters: SMPC covers a variety of converters for different parameters, such as volume, panning, tempo, velocity, staccato, etc. A general Decimal <-> Hexadecimal converter is also provided in case just a simple conversion is all that is needed.

  • Instant conversion: the displayed output changes as soon as the input is altered by the user.

  • Copy output buttons: copy the output in a single push of a button.

  • Easy input adjustment: the user can type an input, adjust it with up and down arrow buttons, up and down keys on the keyboard or by rolling the mouse wheel.

  • "What's This?" Mode: quickly learn more about a field or a button within the application -- no need to open text or help files.

  • A modern, dark-themed and minimalistic user interface.

System Requirements

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 and onwards, 32 or 64 bits

  • Minimum screen resolution: 1280 x 720

  • Minimum available storage space: ~45 MB (for both the .zip and its contents)

Alt. Download (v1.0)
In case the submission goes boom and I vanish (hopefully not!!!).

Again, feel free to report any issues or post suggestions for future versions!