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I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long! Let's get right down to it and see how you all did.

First up, the top 10:

10) Eating Block Story by SomeGuy712x, 80.25/100
9) Starlight-Ride by Sariel, 81.5/100
8) Babylon by Samie Zuccati, 81.75/100
7) TIME IN AMBER by GbreezeSunset, 82.25/100
6) BUZZSAW BLUESHIFT by HamOfJustice, 83.75/100
5) WET FUZZ by Magi + Aeon, 86/100
4) Frigid Stronghold by Sixcorby, 86.75/100

Next, coming in at 3rd Place:

HYDRO FIGHTS by FrozenQuills, 89.75/100

The runner up at 2nd Place:

Custom Block Party by MM102, 90.25/100

And finally, 1st Place goes to:

VIVIDSECTION by Squirrelyman157 +  idol, 92.25/100

Full results can be found here.

We had only two disqualifications this time, one from a user who was banned and registered to submit, and another who's patch did not work.

Also this time around you may notice gold, silver and bronze highlights of some scores. These are your judges top 3 favorites, aside from the ones that scored highly overall. Our four judges,  Alex,  AmperSam, Darolac, and  Valentine, individual scores and commentary can be found below.  DeppySlide unfortunately had to drop out. (Deppy Edit: Hi you can read my swissotel rant unfinished judge comments here.) All five of their efforts are greatly appreciated, providing relatively quick turnaround on judging and plenty of comments on all your submissions.

Alex | AmperSam | Darolac | Valentine

All qualified participants will receive a trophy for their efforts. Top 10, Top 3 and Judges will get their own trophies respectively.

I know we did things a little differently for this one, but I hope you all had fun during this contest. Thank you all for your participation! Hope to see you again at our next contest!

First!! Heh, never been early for something like this before :)

OVER THE EDGE v1.0 (might change with feedback)

one exit

second half is a little tricky so the level's on the shorter side.

i hope i win

e: wait a second
ask me if i give a f*ck...
I'm glad i've made to the 34th place for my first entry ever ^^

and well done to everyone who participated in the contest!

I’m proud of how I did and excited for next year. Congrats to everyone else.
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

Congrats to the winners!
Check out my WIP romhack!
this is messed up
this was such a high quality contest
congrats everyone, and big thanks to the judges!

Originally posted by idol
this is messed up

Hey, 28th! Not that bad and much better compared to the previous VLDC. It coulda scored higher if it weren't for Alex's judging... that's what brought it down, but I can totally understand considering I underestimated the difficulty significantly and it ended up being too hard. Congrats to everyone else!
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Originally posted by FrozenQuills
this was such a high quality contest
congrats everyone, and big thanks to the judges!

Originally posted by idol
this is messed up


I concur.
We are 47th with Green Jerry, I went up a bit with the VLDC. Congratulations to those who won!

EDIT: In a year's time I also want VLDC because I like it very much

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
This was my first time doing something like this, and yeah, I clearly had no idea what I was doing. Has been a good experience for me, even though I didn't score very high. I'm thinking of trying again for VLDC14 if it happens!

Also, thanks to all the judges, it must have been a tough job judging all of the entries, even though the amount seemed to be smaller than what it was in previous years.

Anyways, congratulations to the winners! Very well deserved, and very creative.

And also yay, yoshi9429! We got the same placement!
Have been excited for VLDC for quite some time. I got
frustrated when I found out there would be no compilation, since I was wanting to be a part of something.

Pretty happy with how my entry came out. Originally based around puzzles, I switched over to the current level's title and theme as a tribute to Platform Racing 2—an old Flash MMO I used to play frequently. There's even a bonus room for anyone to try and find. Here's a hint:
look for the shortest, grayest rooftop

Kudos to the winners, and looking forward to the next contest!
I HOPE YOU HAD FUN WITH THIS CONTEST, be you a maker, judge, one who just played levels for fun or a spectator, big huggies to you all.
"Not all pie sitters cry."
-James Morgan McGill
Holy crap 24th place!!! 24th place might be the highest I have ever ranked in a SMWC Level Design Contest or VLDC!! Still tho, much better score than both of my VLDC 11 and VLDC 12 entries!!! I am so freaking happy that this is the first time I ever ranked so high in a VLDC/SMWC Level Design Contest!!!
#smw{:TUP:} #smrpg{y}
Ooh, I made the top 10! Nice!

And yeah, I guess the vertical castle section at the end was a tad lengthy and tricky, but it was meant to be the effective finale after all (followed by a relatively easy boss fight to wrap things up). That castle part was originally harder too, but I had made adjustments to it after receiving some feedback about it, so that probably helped.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners! Huh, I was expecting Custom Block Party to take first place after I had played it. I guess I'll have to give VIVIDSECTION a try now to see just how amazing that level is too.

(BTW, Alex's .xlsx file took some finagling for me to get open, and I ended up importing it into Google Sheets in order to see it. Might've just been a weird issue on my end that kept it from opening in a standard way.)
Barely missed Top 10, pretty frustrating ngl

Not bad for a first one I guess
Congrats to all.
Layout by Koopster
I happy that i got in 27th place on my entry.

Also the reason why the last section in my entry was like that was because i wanting to utilized the grinders and reskin grinder sprites to one last section which i made it into a jumping on a blue urchin and avoid grinders section instead.

If i would do a similar gimmick on a chocolate styled level i would likely scrap that last section idea that i said above.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

I congratulate everyone. It was a very cool and marginal VLDC.
Now that I've started working, I won't be able to be as active as before. This is really very sad and depressing for me.

▬ good old days 4 (10/? level(s) completed)
▬ dumb 2 - strange levels in my notepad (22/62 level(s) completed)
By the way my Youtube channel
I am satisfied with 67th place.
Congratulations to all participants.
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
Congratulations to all the participants, it was a really fun experience to judge this VLDC. I want to mention, for those who had issues by viewing my detailed judging, I uploaded it to google spreadsheets so now you should be able to look them without having Office. I replaced the link in Nope's post.
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